Bulletin 1 - March 1977: The 1978 ENHG Calendar

The 1978 ENHG Calendar

The ENHG will be arranging a photographic selection at mid-year to choose up to 13 pictures for a proposed ENHG calendar for 1978.

The subjects required are:

  • mammals
  • plants
  • birds
  • insects and reptiles
  • general nature history scenes and archaeology
  • underwater marine life

Entry Date

Entries may be submitted at any meeting of the ENHG or to any Committee member before or on 6th June 1977.

Selection Date

The final selection will be made on 13th June 1977.

Type of Entry

For technical reasons related to reproduction the entries must be restricted to color slides. These may be either 35mm or 2.25in square and should be mounted in plastic mounts. A spot is to be fixed at the bottom left corner of the mount and the name of the entrant is to be on the slide mount.

All entries should be indigenous to the UAE and the pictures should have been taken within the borders of the UAE.

All entries selected for publication in the ENHG will be retained temporarily to enable copies to be made. The original will then be returned to the entrant.


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