Bulletin 2 - June 1977: Editorial


by The Editor

Several people have commented favorably on the design of the ENHG Bulletin. The layout and artwork was done for us by Mr. Rico Karam. I am delighted, if a little late, to express our thanks for this and other valuable assistance given to the ENHG in production of the Bulletin. Thank you, Mr. Karam.

The centre piece of the cover design is a reproduction of a miniature golden bull dating from the 3rd millennium BC which was excavated from the site of Qattara which lies some 10 km north of Al Ain. Excavations exposed a rectangular building 13.65m long by 3m wide. Many important antiquities were found there, including metal swords, arrowheads, stone vessels, pottery and a large collection of beads of gold and various precious stones. The miniature golden bull featured on our cover was among this hoard. This find is significant as it is considered the oldest gold found in the area. Qattara is dated from the same period as the nearby Hili tombs, approximately 3rd millennium BC.

To end this Bulletin here is a plea to contributors to the ENHG Bulletin. All submissions for publication should be typewritten, on one side of the paper only, with double spacing and with adequate margins. The positions desired for illustrations and tables should be indicated in the margin. Diagrams and illustrations must be drawn in black ink on white paper. Pencil drawings and sketches have to be re-drawn before they can be printed and we do not have an artist available. PLEASE check and recheck spellings, particularly of scientific names, as I don't have access to a reference library in order to make corrections.

The Editor


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