Bulletin 5 - July 1978: Editorial


A brief glance at previous Bulletin editorials is almost like looking at the Obituary page in the local paper. Every few months sees the departure of somebody who was an inspiration to the ENHG in its early days. This edition is no exception. It must be remembered, however, that members go, but members also come. There will be a significant number of newcomers to the readership of Bulletin No. 5. Transience is a fact of life in Abu Dhabi and new blood is always arriving on the next plane.

It is therefore with great regret that we have had to say goodbye to Dave Corfield, one-time co-Editor of the Bulletin and Recorder for Archaeology, who has departed for other, not necessarily greener, pastures. In view of his great interest, advice and encouragement in all aspects of the Group, the Committee has agreed to invite Dave Corfield to become an Honorary Member.

Another recent departure was Dennis Boocock, the previous Editor and bane of Abu Dhabi's four- and six-legged pests (see p. 24). Dennis has returned to the UK but there is no doubt that his specialized interests in the Gulf will be continued from a distance.

There is a constant need for new blood in the Group, of interchange of personalities and ideas. Because of the temporary nature of people's work commitments in Abu Dhabi, there are always, it seems, vacancies on the ENHG Committee. If any member, new or old, feels he wishes to contribute to the organization of the Group, in however small a way, he may contact any of the Committee members during the Monday evening functions.

Our muted plea in Bulletin No. 4 for help in typing has been answered by the gods in the form of Ernestine Munsey and Barbara Rott. Our thanks go out to them for their generosity in giving up valuable time, which has enabled this Bulletin to follow hard on the heels of its overdue predecessor. It is hoped that future editions will appear as scheduled.

The Monday evening talks have continued with a fair degree of audience participation during this Spring and Summer. The program is timetabled up until late Autumn, but we are always looking for people willing to give a talk. Even short discussions may be acceptable, as occasionally an evening is divided between two speakers.

Finally, a note for newcomers to the Group on the centerpiece of the cover design. This emblem is a reproduction of a miniature golden bull dating from the 3rd millennium BC that was found at the site of Qattarah, near Al Ain. The bull was found in a graveboard also containing weapons, pottery and beads, and is considered the oldest worked gold in the area.

So, not quite an Obituary page. The Group is alive and kicking and with your help will continue to bring much interest to Abu Dhabi in the future.


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