Bulletin 7 - April 1979: A List of Talks Given Since the Last AGM

A List of Talks Given Since the Last AGM

20th March A Glimpse of Sri Lanka, by Margaret Titterington
3rd April The Arid Zone Agricultural Project, by Abdulla Qaddas
17th April The Ayrshire Scene (Birds) including Ailsa Craig, by Ian Fraser
8th May Unwelcome Creatures of Abu Dhabi, by Dennis Boocock
Locusts by Tony Harris
22nd May Jaws on All Fours (East African Wildlife) by John Rowlands
5th June Some Fishes of the Gulf, by Roger Brown
19th June Natural History Photography, by Ian Fraser and Bish Brown
3rd July The Red Sea, by William Bertram
7th August Desert Life, by Bish Brow
18th September Flint and the Prehistory of Abu Dhabi by Rob Western
2nd October Films on Early Abu Dhabi
16th October The East is Red - China, by John Rowlands
6th November Upper Egypt, by Nabil Alalawi
20th November Alaska, by Steve Tongue
4th December Iran, by Fred Schneringer
8th January Flowers of the UAE, by Pat Harris
22nd January AGM and reports by recorders
Handi-crafts of the UAE, by Mona Prytz
5th February Bird identification in the U.A.E, by Mark Holingworth
19th February The Hili Excavations, 1977-1979, by Serge Cleuziou


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