Bulletin 9 - November 1979: Editorial


by The Editor

Despite the varied nature of the Monday evening topics, which include distant travelogues and even politics, it is gratifying to note that the number of Bulletin articles associated with natural history is increasing; contributions are beginning to come in from wider sources. Besides the familiar Committee names in this issue, there is an article by John Hansman, excavations in Ras al Khaimah (p.2), and one by Muriel Giles (P. 29) who concludes: "A most enjoyable day and for me an achievement of the aims of the ENHG -- to foster an interest in natural history and to encourage one to go out and find for oneself what this part of the UAE can offer. It can be very rewarding."

May we hope that Muriel's example will be an encouragement for others to write on the experiences of a Friday spent along the coast or inland among the dunes. We feel that contributors will find it most rewarding to record impressions and reactions, and the process will certainly help the powers of natural history observation.

Since the Bulletin was the creation of the Committee, we welcome constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement. One example could be a letter page (provided we receive some letters!).

Articles tend to reflect the Committee's strongest interests, however, and we are very aware of the lack of information on mammals of the UAE. A difficult topic because of the problems of observation, but nevertheless there must be readers who have stories and personal experiences concerning local mammalia. Foxes and hares are not infrequently found run over, and their tracks are easily seen close to main roads.

On page 28 of this issue is a note about Butterfly collecting. We have had no response to our plea for Scorpion specimens in Bulletin 8. Scorpions are few and far between on the Gulf Coast, but there are butterflies and moths galore at certain times of the year. So, let's see some specimens, however bedraggled or moth-eared (!), from Abu Dhabi's gardens and grassy areas.


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