Bulletin 13 - March 1981: List of Talks Presented Since the 1980 Annual General Meeting

List of Talks Presented Since the 1980 Annual General Meeting

January 21st 1980
February 4th 1980
Early Trade in the Gulf, by Archie Burn
February 18th 1980
The Season's Excavations at Hili, by Serge Cleuziou
March 3rd 1980
Mammals at the Al Ain Zoo, by Peter Dickinson
March 17th 1980
Tunisia, by John Wilcox
April 7th 1980
The Natural Vegetation of the UAE, by Mohamed Khan
April 21st 1980
Antarctica, by Graham Tourney
May 5th 1980
Painting and Wildlife Subjects, by Joyce Butter
May 19th 1980
The Adaptation of Desert Mammals to their Environment, by Chris Furley
June 2nd 1980
The Art of Cartography, by Bob Hall
June 16th 1980
Abu Dhabi Twenty Years Ago, by Alan Horan
July 7th 1980
Farther Than the Eye Can See, by Jennings Ellis
August 4th 1980
Don't Just Sit There, by various Recorders
September 1st, 1980
The Arid Lands Research Station, Sadiyat, by Bish Brown
September 15th 1980
New Zealand, by Shona Gardner
October 6th 1980
Plants and Shrubs of the UAE, by Rob Western
October 27th 1980
The Climate of the Gulf, by Ted Spain
November 3rd 1980
The People of the UAE and Their Neighbors, by Dr. Frauke Heard-Bey
November 17th 1980
Nepal, by John Rowland
December 1st 1980
The Geography of Deserts, by Bob Hall
December 15th 1980
The Liwa, by David MacLennan
January 5th 1981
Recorders' Evening:
Insects, by Diane Donohue
Shells, by Anna Hall
Birds, by Bish Brown


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