Bulletin 15 - November 1981: Editorial


The autumn of 1981 completes five years of the ENHG's existence, a period during which recordings have been amassed in several fields. In addition a workroom has been acquired which is the focal point of the Group's activities, a library has been built up and the bird records have been computer-listed. But for all its success, interest in the Group's activities remains the concern of a very few people. Perhaps Abu Dhabi just happens to be one of those places where people are not particularly interested in the fauna and flora of their environment, which is a great pity in a country where no comprehensive surveys of natural history have ever been conducted. The Chairman and Committee members welcome help in any area and I must say that recent pleas for Bulletin typists have found volunteers in Gill Marchant and Cecily Rogers -- to both the Group is indebted. However more help in Recording activities is really needed. Don't be put off by shyness or a feeling of inadequacy; we are all amateurs with an interest and would welcome like-minds for recording trips, drawing, research, photography. The room is equipped with microscope and sufficient other resources currently to enable people or individuals to work on plants, shell, archaeology, fossils and rocks. In the meantime, please continue to bring along objects of interest for possible identification and recording on Monday evenings. If you feel you cannot work with any of the present Committee, then your chance could come with the AGM and election time in January.

Bulletin 15 continues the policy of displaying a cross-section of interests. I am acutely aware that the article on bees and wasps may not be to everybody's liking because it will mean nothing to them, yet the sheer scale of Giles Roche's recordings in this field since January, plus the very original nature of his interest, makes publication of his findings in our local Bulletin a must if we are to extend credibility for recording activities.

There will be follow-ups to such lists, but articles of a more general nature and interest will continue to form the 'backbone' of the Bulletin. A new idea is the suggested excursion, accompanied by a map, to give ideas to would-be weekend campers who want something a little different from the Holiday Inn, and I intend to return to the Diary Page in future Bulletins to record unusual or outstanding sightings.


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