Bulletin 30 - November 1986: Stratigraphic Succession

Stratigraphic Succession

Quaternary to Recent Alluvium Unconsolidated and cemented silts and gravels.
Fars Formation Continental deposits and evaporites (sub - outcropping).
Maestrichtian to Tertiary (T) Simsima Formation White mudstones and limestones and sucrosic dolomites.
Juweiza Formation Lithoclastic carbonates, shales and marls (sub - outcropping).
Semail Nappe Permian to Cretaceous Ophiolite Suite Basic Extrusives (E), Gabbroid hypabyssal rocks (HG), gabbros (G), peridotite - gabbro migmatites (PG) and peridotites (P).
Oman Exocits (E) Recrystallised limestone.
Hawasina Alloch-thonous Permian to Jurassic Haliw Formation (Ha) Red radiolarian cherts and silicified limestone.
Al Aridh Formation (Ar) Conglomerates, turbidites,cherts.
Halfa Formation (Hf) Red and green cherts and silicified shales.
Dhera Formation (Dh) Cherts, limestons, conglomerates, mudstones.
Hamrat Duru Group (HD) Oolitic, pelletoidal and lithoclastic turbidites, limestones and cherts.
Autochthonous Unit (Sumeini Group) Permian to Jurassic Mayhah Formation (Mh) Radiolarian sediments, conglomerates and turbidites.
Magam Formation (Mq) Dolomite carbonates, calcareous shales, cherts, turbidites.
Jebel Wasa Formation (JW) Reef talus.
Ramaq Formation (Rm) Limestone, dolomite, sandstone, marl.


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