Bulletin 32 - July 1987: Comments


First an apology. In my enthusiastic goodbye to Mike Crumbie in the last Bulletin, it seems I gave the impression that our erstwhile Chairman was responsible for instigating the idea of asking Sheikh Nahayyan to be the Group's Patron. It has been pointed out to me that this was not the case. In fact, the whole idea was that of Nick Benge, who approached Sheikh Nahayyan in 1985, gained his approval, and then arranged a meeting between our Patron and the ENHG committee. It was only from that point that Mike followed up and helped to cement the relationship. Thanks are therefore due to Nick for his invaluable help at the beginning as well as to other members who have contributed in this matter over the years.

Peter Hellyer, Mike's successor as Chairman, took over an organization that was riding the crest of a wave but is always subject to upheaval. How many times have we commented on the problem of continuity as far as Committee members are concerned? There is no solution; we have to forge our way forward as best we can, bearing in mind the Group's objectives and the fact that pragmatism must prevail in the fast-changing social and economic climate of Abu Dhabi these days. Now Peter Hellyer of course has gone, and this month sees another stalwart leaving, this time Jacques Romieu. Both Peter and Jacques were essentially 'back stage' people whose contributions have been decisive in their own ways. Peter had, of course, been associated with the ENHG spasmodically for a number of years before becoming much more involved in 1985 and was an invaluable aide to Mike Crumbie. Though Chairman for only a very short period himself, Peter filled a threatening vacuum after Mike's departure and ensured smooth continuity of the Group's programs. Jacques has put in a tremendous amount of work in transferring equipment to and helping to organize our new workrooms in the Old Fort, as well as being prominent as a liaison officer in ADMA-OPCO. Both Peter and Jacques will be greatly missed.

Our new Chairman, effectively our third this year, is Ted Garside who has already placed his authority on the ENHG and is determined to see the Group continuing to flourish. So much so that he and the Committee have decided that, as a Group, we can no longer single-handedly cope with one or two of our latest projects, notably the Wetlands Conservation Area around the Eastern Lagoon. Our Patron agrees and plans area afoot to turn this ambitious project over to an authority with more time, funds and resources at its disposal.

While Bulletin articles continue to arrive on my desk, there is a constant need for more and once again I appeal to all members to consider a contribution. Even half page articles are welcome.

Bulletin 32 I hope includes things of interest to all readers. Not all articles can please all members, since some are inevitably specialized. It is important to remember that the prime aim of the magazine is to publish a permanent record of topical observations and recordings, though occasionally articles of a more general interest may be included, provided they are generally relevant to this region.


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