Bulletin 34 - March 1988: Bulletin Editor's Report for 1987

Bulletin Editor's Report for 1987

by Rob Western

1987 saw Nos. 31, 32 and 33 issued, maintaining our standard format of 30 pages. Each issue contained an end article in Arabic and this is beginning to prove popular with nationals. One young local has become so enthused that he is researching various types of date palm in Al Ain Oasis as the basis for an article. I have tried to bring in as much variety as possible, but if anybody has any comment or criticism of content, I would be glad to hear. Articles are occasionally edited, but views and opinions remain those of the author alone. Years ago we used to have a letter page and I would like to resurrect this idea as a means of keeping in closer touch with the readership.

As usual, I have to make a plea for more articles, however short. Brief recordings of finds, of odd behaviour in the natural history world, or longer descriptions of field trips and the like would all be most welcome. Drawings to accompany records and articles would not be amiss. The Bulletin has a limited readership it is true, but it is one of the few organs in the UAE in which first hand field work is being recorded in permanent form. In years to come, all the accumulated wealth of information in the Bulletins will prove most useful to researchers, and in my view, this is one of the most vital roles that the ENHG can play.


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