Gazelle Author Index

Gazelle Author Index

The following table represents a summary of articles which have appeared in the Gazelle, the newsletter of the Dubai Natural History Group.

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-- Caralluma in Flower December 2000
-- Suicide Leap? July/August 1999
Summary of an article in Gulf News 20 August 1999 The Red Fox September 1999
Beryl Comar UAE Flora Research September 1999
Peter Cunningham Tahr on Jebel Hafit December 2000
Peter Cunningham Facts about Bats December 2000
Gary Feulner Backyard Terrarium December 2000
Gary Feulner Springtime" in Oman December 2000
Gary Feulner Land Snails in Fox Droppings December 2000
Gary Feulner Hajar Mountain Nature Hike December 2000
Gary Feulner Clam shrimps found at Hatta, too December 2000
Gary Feulner New Site for Rare Pond Snail December 2000
Gary Feulner Hovering Purple Sunbirds July/August 1999
Gary Feulner Fair Weather Friends: No Zygonyx September 1999
Gary Feulner High Fliers September 1999
Gary Feulner Camel Domestication September 1999
Gary Feulner Viper Strikes Out September 1999
Dr. Sandy Fowler Shelling Report October/November 2000 December 2000
Dr. Reza Khan Blue-tailed lizard drinking water December 2000


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