Nizwa Souq 2009

Nizwa Souq 2009

The Friday market of the Nizwa souq attracts hundreds of visitors each week. The livestock market, where sellers parade their animals in a circle in front of potential buyers . . . and many tourists!

The Friday market is an old tradition in may communities with families coming to the regional center to sell livestock, handcrafts and farm produce before Friday prayers. The Friday market is an attraction of many of the cities in Oman though the Nizwa market is spectacular.

In addition to the livestock market, there is fresh and smoked fish, freshly butchered mutton, chickens and a very large building reserved for fresh produce. The market now includes several shops with items for tourists.

Hidden in the complex of the new market building is the last remaining section of the original souq, the area sometimes referred to as the spice souq. Here merchants sell their produces much as has been done for hundreds of years.

The livestock souq is
a very popular attraction

The souq is now covered

Goats and cattle were on
sale the morning of our visit

A film crew and dozens of
tourists joined the
buyers and sellers

The Friday market is a feature
in most central communities

Sellers parade their
livestock before buyers

Date palm spathes (male
pollen) and spring onions

The crowded market

Fresh smoked tuna

The fish mongers

Well in the spice souq

Part of the old covered souq

Many of the shops in the old
souq are closed

Merchandise piled in the
narrow corridors

The variety of merchandise
is amazing

One of the original doors
leading to the old souq

The souq gates are closed
to secure the merchandise

Inscription on the old gate


The old tree where the men
congregate to sell rifles

Dozens of rifles, ammunition
belts are for sale

One of the old ammunition
belts for sale

One seller estimated the
cartridges to be 50 years old


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