Will's Racing Dhow Photographs

Will's Racing Dhow Photographs

On one of his visits to the RAK dhow yards, Will stopped by the workplace next door where racing dhows are constructed and repaired.

These are photographs from that visit.

These sleek racing dhows come in various sizes

The dhows are reconstructed,often replacing all but thekeel

The hull exterior is covered with several layers of varnish until it is as smooth as glass

One of the dhows ready for transport

The interior ribs in place, ready for the rowers' benches

There are usually three dhows being repaired at one time

Poles waiting for blades to be attched -- the oars for each dhow

Races are held on weekends in various emirates

The forms used to shape the hull

One of the larger racing dhows with construction almost complete

Dhows have teams of 12, 14, 16 or 18 oarsmen

Rudders come in different designs

A model dhow under the hull of a fishing dhow being refitted


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