ENHG Trip Convoy Guidelines

ENHG Trip Convoy Guidelines


  1. General Items
  2. Rules of the Road
  3. Overtaking
  4. Speed
  5. Tips for Trip Leader
  6. Lead Car Driver

General Items

Arrive at the starting point in plenty of time for the briefing on the route and destination of the trip.

Please be ready to depart on time with a full fuel tank.

If you are going to leave the group before the end of the trip please notify the trip leader and others.

Do not go faster than you feel comfortable driving!

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Rules of the Road

All vehicles in the convoy should drive with headlights on.

Our line of cars should not dominate the road. If others are trying to pass the group please let them do so.

Whenever the group stops, if at all feasible, make sure you pull completely off the road.

Always use your indicators in plenty of time to guide cars in the group, as well as other road users.

If you want the group to stop, flash your headlights. If the car behind flashes its headlights, flash yours until the group leader pulls over.

When the group passes through a congested area, it should try and stop as soon as safely practicable to regroup.

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Overtake only when legal and safe to do so.

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Always stay within the legal speed limit. If the traffic is flowing slower than the legal speed limit go with the traffic flow.

The lead car should establish a sensible pace for the group. It is each individual driver's responsibility to keep the vehicle behind him or her in sight, insuring the group stays together.

If the car behind slows down, Please slow down with it. If each car does this the convoy will stay together.

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Tips for the Trip Leader

Have a short meeting of all the drivers to explain the general route and destinations.

Hand out route instructions if possible. A quick copy of a handwritten map or written directions.

If there are a large number of cars it is advisable to break up into two or more formal groups with a lead car for each group.

Assign a buddy to drivers who are unfamiliar to the route and destination.

On larger trips if possible have a sign up sheet with vehicle make, color, mobile number, and list of passengers.

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Lead Car Driver

If possible ask for a driver to act as sweep for the convoy.

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