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J.N.B. (Bish) Brown, recognized as the individual most responsible for the establishment of the ENHG. Annette Allen is also credited with being one of the key individuals responsible.


October 2006

A new format for our Newsletter!

We hope that individual members will feel free to use the Newsletter to share information, ideas and news of upcoming events.

As this season marks the 30th anniversary of the ENHG in the UAE, the Newsletter this season will include some information from our archives. The ENHG has been, from the outset, a volunteer organization of individuals who have come and gone over the years, many leaving an unforgettable mark on the ENHG and especially on the individuals whose lives they touched.

We no longer produce printed versions of the Newsletter but this version can be printed on A4 stock if you wish a hard copy. Back issues of the Newsletter are available on the website and in the work room at AAESS.

From the Editorial of The Bulletin in March 1981:

“The Al Ain group formally became the Al Ain Branch of the ENHG in 1980 but a regular liaison capacity is still required between the two groups. The Al Ain Branch has published its first Report and Proceedings (September 1980), a copy of which is in the library.”

The Al Ain chapter had mixed success initially and gained its independence from Abu Dhabi more than 25 years ago. From that time, it has gone from strength to strength, due in part to its location minutes from the desert and the mountains, and due to the dedicated volunteers who have participated over the years.

Today, the Al Ain chapter hosts one of the largest websites devoted to the natural history of the UAE and northern Oman. In addition, it has almost 350 email subscribers from all over the world.

The chapter maintains partnerships with the Al Ain Intercontinental Resort hotel, the Al Ain English Speaking School, PIC investment consultants, the Zayed Center for Heritage and History, and the Emirates Environment Group.

Field trips are held most Fridays throughout the year. General meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at the Intercontinental hotel. Committee meetings are held at the work room at AAESS on the first Tuesday of each month while informal work room sessions are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

A general schedule of the group’s activities is available here.

The underlying philosophy of the group is inclusion; events and activities are designed and intended to include all individuals though, of course, this is not always possible.


Al Ain Chapter begins its 26th season of field trips and meetings

New Newsletter Format


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