Jabeeb After the Rain 2004

Jabeeb After the Rain 2004

In the late winter of 2004, we visited Jabeeb after a rainfall to see whether the shower made much difference in uncovering some of the material that littered the area known as "the ladies' majlis". While the gazelle prints were more well defined in the wet sand, most items were hidden from view as the rain had splashed dust and dirt up to cover anything that may have been exposed.

Images from the trip appear below.

The meter stick gives a good indication how deep the rain penetrated the dunes
Closeup view of the GPS location of the "majlis"
Some of the "Henderson" era debris that litters the site; these appear to be cases of small tins of tomato paste
Glass bracelet in situ with GPS coordinates
Some of the fresh gazelle tracks showing size and length of stride
A small copper (bronze?) ring found at the site; the inscription indicated the ring was from a city in Saudi Arabia
Closeup of the GPS coordinates for the ring
Ring alone in situ; the ring is now part of the collection at the Al Ain Museum
Helene getting serious about her photography!
Coin in situ with meter stick and GPS coordinates
Evidence of the amount of rainfall; moisture caused part of dune to collapse under weight of rainfall
View in the quarry where there is evidence of wells and perhaps aflaj
Meter stick positioned beside a fox burrow; stick shows some of the layering of the sub-soil
A view from the bottom of the quarry of some of the trenches cut into the subsoil, perhaps part of an aflaj system
Brigitte placing the meter stick in one of the trenches
Closeup of the meter stick and the sand-filled trench
Members investigating some of the interesting features of the quarry. (Some of these features have been destroyed by further activity in the quarry.)


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