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Ruth and Earl Dunn


The following is the text of a letter presented to Ruth and Earl Dunn in recognition of his years of contributions to the Emirates Natural History Group. The presentation took place on 24 June 2003.

24 June 2003

The Committee and membership of the Al Ain chapter are pleased to present Ruth and Earl with lifetime memberships in the Emirates Natural History Group in recognition of their very generous contributions of time, enthusiasm and plants over many years.

If there had been a reward for participation, Ruth and Earl would be the annual recipients as they have supported every aspect of the group's program with tireless enthusiasm. Whether field trip or general meeting, formal or informal activity, Ruth and Earl would be there as active, interested, and informed participants.

Whenever Ruth and Earl headed off on one of their unique vacation trips, you could count on them to return with pictures, artifacts, stories and insights. They were always generous in sharing their adventures with all of us. We not only learned from them; we would share in the adventure.

This past year, Ruth was instrumental in the success of our 'Oasis Garden', one of the more popular attractions during the Al Ain Festival. Earl, always quick to share his enthusiasm for the automatic transmission of his cherished Nissan Patrol, has always been available to help organize events and activities. And we have all been enriched by the constant flow of plants and advice from the Dunn garden! The term "generous" only begins to describe their attitude and contribution in our community of friends.

On behalf of all those whose lives have been enriched, thank you, Ruth and Earl.

Brien Holmes



Patron: H.E. Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan