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Volume 1.1 April 1991 Contents


Editorial ... ii
 [by R. A. Western]

Distribution of TRIBULUS species in the UAE ... 1
 by R. A. Western

Miocene fossils in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi ... 4
 by Peter Whybrow, Andrew Hill and Walid Yasin al Tikriti

Prospective new bird species for the UAE ... 9
 by Colin Richardson and John Bannon

Sand Dunes in the Emirates ... 14
 by Dr. K.W. Glennie

Winter Excavations at Ad Door ... 18
 by Peter Hellyer

Dugongs - a summary of their status in the UAE ... 20
 by J.N. 'Bish' Brown

Birds of Dalma Island ... 21
 by Adrian Chapman

Notes and Queries ... 24
 Neolithic hand-axe;
 Saline agriculture:
 Ajman Archaeology:
 Annelida (leeches);
 Black Winged Stilts

Recorders' Reports for 1990 ... 28
 Geology and Palaeontology,
 1990 ENHG Programme.

Ticks (in Arabic) ... 33
 by J.N. 'Bish' Brown

Editorial (in Arabic) ... iii [Not included]

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