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Volume 1.2 October 1991 Contents


Editorial ... 2
  [by R. A. Western]

A Bird List of the UAE ... 3
  by Colin Richardson and Bob Richardson

Crab Plovers at Abu al Abyad ... 13
  by J.N.B. Brown, M. Verhage & R.P. Morris

Weather in the UAE ... 16
  by Nigel Bottomley

New Finds at Julfar ... 19
  by Peter Hellyer

Breeding of Gordon's Wildcat ... 21
  by Marijcke Jongbloed

Plant Survey near Mahdah ... 22
  by R. A. Western

Notes and Queries ... 28
  A new Tribulus;
  A new Snake;
  Tip of an Iceberg;
  Oleander Hawkmoth;
  Surveys and Exhibitions

Recorders' Reports for 1991 ... 31
  Archaeology & Palaeontology;
  Programme of Meetings (January to June 1991 ).

UAE Hunting Law (in English and Arabic) ... 36

The Ottoman Mosque at Bidiya (in Arabic) ... 37
  by Dr. F. Handhal

Notes: Surveys and Exhibitions (in Arabic) ... 38

Editorial (in Arabic) ... 39 [Not included]

Contents (in Arabic) ... 40 [Not included]

Cover illustrations:
  English: European Bee-eater, (Merops apiaster),
  a passage migrant and migrant breeder (J.A.D. Chapman).
  Arabic: European Kingfisher, (Alcedo atthis),
  a winter visitor and passage migrant (D. Robinson).

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