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Volume 5.1 April 1995 Contents


Editorial ... 4
  [by A.R. Western]

Important wildlife sites of Fujairah and the east coast of the UAE ... 5
  by Simon Aspinall, Colin Richardson & Peter Hellyer

Fujairah Archaeological Survey - An Interim Report ... 11
  by L Brass, R. Painter, G. Britton, L. Hill

Scarab Dung Beetles in the Al Ain Region of the UAE and Neighbouring Areas of Oman (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) ... 14
  by Michael P. T. Gillett

Notes and Queries ... 24
  Guidelines for a wetland management plan for Khor Kalba;
  Blanford's Fox, Arabian Tahr found in Fujairah;
  Safavid and Sassanian Coins in Fujairah;
  Arabian coins from the Sharjah Museum;
  Conference on Fossil Vertebrates;
  The Flora of Arabia;
  Records of freshwater fish from Hatta area;
  How to distinguish between grazed Panicum turgidum and Pennisetum divisum grass?

Group Meetings / Corporate Members ... 29

Recorders' Reports ... 30

Editorial (in Arabic) ... 33 [Not included]

Contents (in Arabic) ... 34 [Not included]

Cover illustrations:
English: Terns and fishermen in the Bay of Dibba.
  Picture by Simon Asplnall
Arabic: High Tide in Khor Kalba.
  Picture by Peter Hellyer

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