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Volume 7.2 Winter 1997 Contents


Editorial ... 4
  [by A.R. Western]

The application of GIS to conservation ... 5
  by Derek Gliddon & Simon Aspinall

GIS & the conservation of desert areas: a case study from Abu Dhabi ... 8
  by Simon Aspinall & Derek Gliddon

A survey of the habitats, invertebrate fauna and environmental sensitivity of the mainland coast of the UAE, with information on status and distribution of Crustaceans ... 11
  by Richard Hornby

Group Meetings ... 17

A hydrological oddity: Mountain Wadis that Fork Downstream ... 18
  by Gary R. Feulner

Bird populations of the Al Madam plain, UAE ... 21
  by Oliver L. Wardman, Benno Böer & Simon Aspinall

Observations in a Dhub colony ... 23
  by M. Jongbloed

A preliminary note on Ceramics from the island of Qarnein ... 25
  by Geoffrey King and Peter Hellyer

Notes and Queries ... 27
  Hyena sightings?;
  Sheikh Mubarak Prize;
  WWF Mission not impossible;
  ERWDA launches turtle study;
  Swan Song of the Arabian Tahr in the UAE.

Corporate members of the ENHG ... 29

Round up ...  30
  Archaeology review
  Bird Report

Editorial (in Arabic) ... 33 [Not included]

Contents (in Arabic) ... 34 [Not included]

Cover illustrations:

English: Desert ghafs (Prosopis cineraria)
   Picture by Simon Aspinall
Arabic: Young [fe]male Blue Rock Agamid (Agama sinaita)
  Picture by Colin & Joy Glendenning


The Arabic cover picture was cited as a male Agama sinaita. The red shoulder patch indicates that the individual is a female. The current taxonomic name is Pseudotrapelus sinaitus (Heyden, 1827)

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