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Volume 10.1 Spring/Summer 2000 Contents


Editorial ... 4

An archaeological and architectural evaluation of a fort in the Wadi Safad, Emirate of Fujairah ... 5
  by Gareth Longden and Salvatore Garfi

[Recent work at al-Qurayya, Emirate of Fujairah ... 7
  by Gareth Longden and Salvatore Garfi]

The Shasha - traditional fishing craft of the UAE's East Coast. ... 8
  by Michelle Ziolkowski

New evidence for the medieval occupation of Abu Dhabi ... 10
  by Robert Carter

The freshwater goby Awaous aeneofuscus in the Wadi Hatta watershed (UAE/Oman) 12
  by Gary R. Feulner and Peter L. Cunningham

Tick-host relationships as determined from wildlife in the UAE (Acarina, Fam. Ixodidae) - a preliminary study ... 16
  by Peter L. Cunningham and Kevin Thompson

Namaqua Dove Oena capensis in the UAE and its spread through Arabia ... 18
  by Michael Jennings

ENHG Award for Thesiger ... 20

Desert truffles Tirmania nivea in the Emirates ... 20
  by Philip Iddison

The use of burrows by Hoopoe Lark Alaemon alaudipes ... 21
  by Peter L. Cunningham

Reptile records ... 22
  by Peter L. Cunningham

A short note on Blanford's Fox Vulpes cana in the mountains of Ras al-Khaimah ... 23
  by Robert E. Llewellyn-Smith

Archaeological Review - Jebel Buhays, Muwailah, Al Thuqaibah, Abu Dhabi islands ... 25

Miscellany ... 28

Reviews ... 29

Cover illustrations:
Front: A pool in the Wadi Qahfi -the largest of those containing the freshwater goby Awaous aeneofuscus (see article on Page 12)
  Picture by Peter Cunningham
Back: A Late Islamic ceramic jar from Tawi Beduwa Shwaiba, south-west of Abu Dhabi.
  Picture by Peter Hellyer

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