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Volume 14.1 Spring/Summer 2004 Contents


Editorial ... 2

Bayt al-Muraykhi: a later Islamic pearl merchant's house at Dalmâ, Abu Dhabi Emirate ... 3
  by Geoffrey King

World War Two plane crashes in the UAE ... 9
  by Peter Hellyer and Laurence Garey

The brain of the camel, Camelus dromedarius: a study of a possible pain-inhibiting pathway ... 12
  by Laurence Garey and Eric Mensah-Brown

Tail Signalling in the Semaphore Gecko Pristurus celerrimus ...18
   by Gary R. Feulner

Notes ... 22

Obituary - Peter Whybrow ... 24
  by Peter Hellyer

Reviews ... 25

Publications and Research ... 27

Cover Illustrations:
Front: An early 5th Millennium BC pot from Site MR-11, Marawah
  Photograph by Mark Beech / ADIAS
Back: A dhub Uromastyx aegyptia microlepis on Marawah (see page 23)
  Photograph by Mark Beech

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