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Volume 15.2 Autumn/Winter 2005 Contents


Editorial ... 2

Status of Prosopis cineraria (ghaf) tree clusters in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve ... 3
  by Dr David Gallacher and Dr Jeffrey Hill

Chronology and evolution of submerged mangrove swamps buried in the subsoil of Dubai ... 10
  by Anja Zander & Helmut Brückner

Surveying the waters of the UAE ... 17
  by Andrew David

Albino tadpoles of Bufo arabicus and their possible development ... 22
  by Gary R. Feulner

Further Observations and New Records of Spoon Worms in the UAE ... 24
  by Richard Hornby

Blanford's fringe-toed lizard (Lacertidae: Acanthodactylus blanfordii Boulenger, 1918): a new species record for the United Arab Emirates ... 25
  by Drew Gardner

The RAF Wellington crash at Dhadnah ... 27
  by Peter Hellyer and Laurence Garey

Notes and Publications ... 28

Cover Illustrations:
Front: A map of Jazirat al-Hamra (Juzeerut-Ul-Humra or Ul-Humra Island) produced in February 1820 by Lieutenant Thomas Remon of the Engineers, who was part of the 1819-1820 British military expedition to the Gulf. The note on the map states "The Town of Ul-Humra has been deserted some years & most of the houses are now in Rums [Rams]."
  Reproduced by permission of the UK Hydrographic Office.
Back: Qurrayah pools, Fujairah - a man-made wetland on the UAE East Coast that is now one of the country's top sites for birds.
  (Peter Hellyer)

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