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Volume 17 2007 Contents


Editorial ... 4

The vegetation of the coastal white sands at Taweela (Abu Dhabi Emirate) ... 5-15
  by Gary Brown, Simon Aspinall and Sabitha Sakkir

An Archaeological Baseline Study of Wadi Madhab, Fujairah ... 16-36
  by Peter Hellyer and Michele C. Ziolkowski

An Updated Illustrated Checklist of Dragonflies and Damselflies of the UAE ... 37-62
  by Gary R. Feulner, Robert W. Reimer and Richard J. Hornby

A Note on Elasmobranches (sharks and rays) of UAE and Musandam, Oman, with special mention of Bowmouth Guitarfish or Shark Ray (Rhina ancylostoma) ... 63-69
  by Christophe Tourenq, Maral Khaled Shuriqi, Greg and Kristi Foster, Christophe Chellapermal, Sebastien Lebon and Debra Rei

Photographic essay: The versatile date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) ... 70-74
  by Michele C. Ziolkowski

A note on molluscs from a Late Islamic desert site in Abu Dhabi ... 75-76
  by Peter Hellyer and Richard Hornby

Survey of Breeding Osprey Pandion haliaetus in Abu Dhabi Emirate ... 77-79
  by Shahid Khan, Sálim Javed and Junid Nazeer

The first record of Ashy Drongo Dicrurus leucophaeus for the UAE and Arabia ... 80-82
  by Nick Moran

The first record of Jouanin's Petrel Bulweria fallax in the United Arab Emirates ... 34
  by Stephen L. James and Simon Aspinall

Snakes Alive: Gray's Racer Snake Platyceps cf. ventromaculatus, (Gray 1834) sensu Schätti and Schmitz 2006, on Sir Bani Yas Island ... 85-86
  by Simon Aspinall and Drew Gardner

The early stages and larval food-plants of Bufoidia larseni Wiltshire and Legrain, 1997 (Lepidoptera: Lasiocampidae) ... 87-90
  by Michael P.T. Gillett

A record of a micro-moth pest, the Teak Defoliator, Hyblaea puera (Cramer, 1777), apparently new to the Gulf Region (Lepidoptera: Hyblaeidae) ... 91-92
  by Michael P.T. Gillett

Three species of snout moths perviously unrecorded for the United Arab Emirates (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae: Hypeninae) ... 93-94
  by Michael P.T. Gillett

The Hawklet or Savannah Hawkmoth, Sphingonaepiopsis nana (Walker, 1856), new to the United Arab Emirates (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) ... 95-96
  by Michael P.T. Gillett and Brigitte Howarth

A Butterfly Migration: Blue-spotted Arabs at Jebel Barakah, western Abu Dhabi ... 98
  by Drew Gardner and Brigitte Howarth

An unexpected resident butterfly of northern Oman: the Arabian Grizzled Skipper Spialia mangana (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae) ... 99-101
  by Michael P.T. Gillett

News, Reviews and Bibliography ... 102-108

  • News
    • Dugong Agreement Signed (Source: EAD press releases)
    • Marawah becomes UAE's first Biosphere Reserve (Source: EAD press release)
    • Controls on groundwater wells (Source: EAD press release)
    • Christmas whales (Source: Gulf News)
    • Zoology in the Middle East
    • UAE Specimens Clarify Marine Gastropod Taxonomy (Gary R. Feulner)
  • Book Reviews
    • Snakes of Arabia: A Field Guide to the Snakes of the Arabian Peninsula and its Shores by Damien Egan. 2007. Published Motivate Publishing, Dubai. ISBN 978 1 86063 239 6 208 pp. (by Drew Gardner)
    • Dolphin.  By Robert Baldwin and Thabit Al Abdessalaam. Published 2007 by Seawords Ltd., 95, Wilton Road, Suite 3, London SW1V 1BZ. Sponsored by Dolphin Energy Ltd., Abu Dhabi, UAE. ISBN(10) 0-9551550-10, ISBN(13) 978-0-9551550-1-7. 147 pp., English and Arabic text. (by Edwin Grandcourt)
    • ARTHROPOD FAUNA OF THE UAE, VOLUME 1, Antonius Van Harten (editor), Multiply Marketing Consultancy Services (Publisher), Abu Dhabi, ISBN 978-9948-03-642-5 754 pages. (by Brigitte Howarth)
  • Articles & Papers (compiled by Mark Beech and Peter Hellyer)

Cover Illustrations:
Front: A Pseudotrapelus sinaitus, photographed near Shawkah, in southern Ra's al-Khaimah.
  Picture by Drew Gardner
Back: A Cape Hare, Lepus capensis, photographed near Taweelah.
  Picture by Drew Gardner

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