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Rain April 2003

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Effects of rain on Wadi Madbah

Photographs by Jerry Buzzell

It is interesting to compare the differences in flow volume between photographs taken at Wadi Madbah in February 2003 and again following heavy rains in April 2003.

  • The lower pool in February 2003.
  • The lower pool in April 2003.
  • The upper pool in February 2003.
  • The upper pool in April 2003.
  • The upper pool in April 2003.
  • The upper pool waterfall in February 2003.
  • The upper pool waterfall in April 2003.
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Rain in Al Ain

Photographs by Geoff Sanderson

It does not rain often in Al Ain, so when it does, it is cause for celebration ... and photography!

  • Flooded roundabout near the Crown Prince's Palace
  • Residential areas were flooded for hours to days
  • Motorists had to adjust their driving habits
  • Some roundabouts were impassable for small vehicle
  • Storm sewers were unable to deal with the water
  • Wadis in the city carried water towards main oasis
  • Fossil Valley looked like a lake
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Rain in Al Jimi

Photographs by Bob Reimer

Local flooding in the streets near Al Jimi Mall.

  • The parking area filled with rain water.
  • Street drains are not often able to deal with rain
  • Of course children love the flooded streets!
  • Driving off through the flooding.
  • View from the parking area to the flooded street.
  • The rain continues to fall!
  • Dull. Overcast. Rainy. Not our typical forecast.
  • Neighbor car sitting in the flooded interior road.
  • Rain finally abated, flooding up to parking area.
  • Island of the cul de sac now literally an island.
  • The final depth of the street flooding.
  • Satellite imagery of rain clouds moving over UAE
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Rain at Jebel Qatarra

Photographs by Brien Holmes

In April 2003, there was an afternoon of heavy rain that produced a waterfall from the top of Jebel Qatarra at the Hanging Gardens.

  • Veil of water emerging from opening in escarpment
  • Water cascading over stalactite
  • Water (right) cascading from escarpment lip
  • 'Rapids' below the pool at base of escarpment
  • Water pouring over the stalactite into the pool
  • Diminishing flow of water over lip of escarpment
  • Showing the veil of water, pool and outflow
  • Several visitors could not resist standing under
  • Another side view of the water flow
  • Water staining the escarpment face a dark shade
  • View from the eastern side of Hanging Gardens
  • A small waterfall emerging from the thicket
  • Whisp of a waterfall (center) from crevice
  • Mountain reflected in pools near track to Qatarra
  • Water trickling down at base of 'tourist' route
  • Water runoff near the base of the 'tourist' route
  • Pools & small waterfalls near 'tourist' route base
  • A tree, reflected in the runoff



Patron: H.E. Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan