Bulletin 37 - March 1989: Chairman's Report for 1988

Chairman's Report for 1988

During 1988, the Emirates Natural History Group (Abu Dhabi) has experienced a greater turnover in members than has been the norm in previous years. Membership now stands at 120, including a number of overseas members.

Members will be aware of the increasing publicity that the Group has been receiving in the National Press. We are constantly looking for ways to increase the public's awareness of the ENHG and its aims and activities. To this end, the ladies and gentlemen of the press have been well disposed towards the Group. We thank them and ask for their continued support.

Over the year we had 18 lecture meetings covering a wide variety of subjects. It has been extremely difficult to maintain our planned two lectures per month, as last-minute cancellations and the constant need for rescheduling have caused many problems, but I hope that these have not been too inconvenient to members.

The Newsletter and Bulletins have maintained their high standard but again may I pass on a crie-de-coeur from Caroline Fuggle and Rob Western for members to put pen to paper and send in more articles, snippets of information etc., as soon as possible.

Our field trips have again proved to be a big success. Two weekend trips to Fujairah and two to Umm al Qawain were extremely well attended; in fact, we had to limit the numbers. Day trips were also organized to the desert and to Fossil Valley. All of these trips not only increased our knowledge of the areas concerned but also gave immense satisfaction and fun to the members who went along.

The Wetlands Project is still on hold while we reassess in the light of continued road building and associated development along the line of the new East Coast road extension.

Work on the refurbishment of the Old Fort still continues. Our allocated space for workrooms and a display is not yet ready for occupation.

Our close liaison with the Dubai and Al Ain Groups has been maintained with visits and lecture exchanges.

Although we are a serious group, there was time for play during the year. Our first Annual Dinner Dance was held in June, and all agree it was a great success. Coupled with this event of course I would like to take this opportunity of putting on record our thanks and appreciation to our Patron, HE Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak al Nahyan for the reception and sumptuous lunch to which we were invited in June.

Finally, my thanks go to past and present members of the Committee for their support and hard work over the last 12 months. I hope that the momentum generated during 1988 will continue and that the Group will play an increasing role in prompting the awareness of natural history of the UAE.

Ted Garside


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