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Emirates Natural History Group


Welcome to the home page of the Emirates Natural History Group, a non-profit organization for individuals with an interest in the natural history of the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

This site is maintained as an archive of articles, field trip summaries, photographs and other information of interest to members of the group. Included in the archives are a complete collection of the Bulletin of the Abu Dhabi NHG (1977-1990) and Tribulus (1991-ongoing). We are pleased to be able to share this information and these images with individuals around the world who share our interests.

The site is maintained by the Al Ain chapter but provides access to information of all three chapters.


Dubai Al Ain Abu Dhabi

ENHG Al Ain Past Photography Competition Winning Entries

  • Going Home Copyright © 2013 Claudia Behrendt . All Rights Reserved.
  • Falcon Flying Copyright © 2013 Alberto Gonzalez. All Rights Reserved.
  • Heading to Clouds Copyright © 2013 Amer Kuhail . All Rights Reserved.
  • Life Can Be Cruel Copyright © 2013 Brigitte Howarth. All Rights Reserved.
  • Copyright @ 2019 Renata Zalewska - All rights reserved

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ENHG Al Ain News

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Coming soon:

Al Ain ENHG's first lecture will be on July 14th 2020, at 7 pm online. If you would like more information, please send an email to:

In the eye of the beholder, mimicry in insects. ENHG Al Ain Chapter 

At times, all is not as it may seem when we look at insects; bees turn out to be flies, flies that look like wasps don't sting, and what looks to be an ant is an ant-mimicking spider - but why? With examples from both the UAE and the wider world, explore some of the mimicry that exists in insects in this short lecture by Dr. Brigitte Howarth.



Patron: H.E. Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan