Bulletin 9 - November 1979: Diary Page

Diary Page

Date Event
June/July Mangrove (Avicenna marina) in flower
July Caper (Capparis spinoza) in full flower - hilly areas, Al Ain
July 21 Hare (Lapis capensis) found run over on Suweihan Road. Measurements in millimeters: total length, 401; length of tail, 52; length of hind foot, 84; length of ears, 115.
July 26 C. spinoza in fruit
July 29 First summer rain, Al Ain
July 31 First Hoopoes, Das, up to 15
August 2 Sea horse on beach opposite Golden Fish restaurant. Probably Hippocampus kuda Bleeker
August 6 First duck spp. of new migration season. Many migratory waders in both summer and winter plumage
August 9 Six gecko eggs, in pairs, found in cupboard at Al Khubairat School
August 13 One pair of gecko eggs hatched
August 18 White-cheeked terns feeding young at Khalidiya
August 29 Rain at Al Ain
September 2 Glossy Ibis arrived, Sewage Farm
September 6 One sea horse found among prawns, Batin
September 13 A bittern and a female Liechtenstein's Sand grouse reported in Abu Dhabi town
September Cicadas not heard in Abu Dhabi after about 20th, but many still in Al Ain oasis areas in early October
September Dipterigium glaucum and Tribulus terrestris in full flower in dunes off Al Ain Road
October 5 Young fox (Vulpes vulpes arabica) found run over on Suweihan Road
October 12 Full grown dog fox in excellent condition disturbed on island southeast of Umm an Nar, about 10:30 am. Evidence of several fox holes in area.


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