Bulletin 16 - March 1982: Abu Dhabi Climatological Summary 1981

Abu Dhabi Climatological Summary 1981

by E.S. Spain

Data from ADIA (Bateen), Abu Dhabi town

Again excepting a heavy storm on the night of 2/3 May, a dry, dusty year. The storm of 2/3 May also gave a new surface wind extreme with a maximum 10 minute duration wind of 53 knots and a maximum gust of 69 knots.


The Monthly Mean Dry Bulbs were average or slightly above average throughout the year (Mean 27.35C whilst normal is 26.87C), but a new extreme Monthly Maximum Temperature of 31.7C for January was established. The previous Maximum Extreme for January was 30.1C. Minimum Temperatures were about normal excepting for November when another new extreme of 12.3C was recorded. Previously this was 13.0C. The Annual Average Absolute Maximum Wet Bulb Temperature 0 was only 0.33C above normal.


A very poor start to the year with only 10.0 mm recorded up to end of April, although March had 4 rain days, 3 with more than 1 mm of rain. The storm on the night of 2/3 May produced a total rainfall of 26.3 mm, but this represented the main rainfall of the year as only a further 0.1 mm was recorded subsequently. It is noticeable from the records that the highest 24 hour rainfall for the year is generally about one-third of the total annual rainfall. This year was no exception to this rule -- rather the reverse as the rainfall of the 2/3 May represented 72% of the Total Annual Rainfall.


Although nearly 50% of the year recorded days with visibilities less than 8,000 m due to lifted sand, dust, haze, smoke etc., the number of foggy days was only slightly above average. Sandstorms were reported on 7 occasions, three of them in March and there were only 3 thunderstorm days.


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