Bulletin 16 - March 1982: The Birds of Saudi Arabia

The Birds of Saudi Arabia

Michael Jennings, who is a regular correspondent of the ENHG Bird Recorder, has recently published a check-list of Saudi Arabian birds.* This pocket-sized book is a welcome addition to the ornithological literature of the region and includes over a hundred sketch maps of suggested breeding ranges; those dealing with the eastern regions will be of especial interest to bird watchers in the UAE. While some species are restricted to the south-west of the peninsula bordering the mountainous areas of the two Yemens, the majority enjoy a wider distribution and comparisons with the ENHG's own check-list could prove very interesting. The book includes an index of scientific names plus a brief addendum of relevant sight records up to late April 1981.

* The Birds of Saudi Arabia: a check-list, by Michael C. Jennings; 1981. Available from the author at 10 Mill Lane, Whittlesford, Cambridge, England at 6.30 post free (7.30 by airmail).


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