Bulletin 21 - November 1983: Pictoglyphs in Wadi Kubh

Pictoglyphs in Wadi Kubh

By Simon de Maré

While wadi bashing in the Wadi Kubh, some 25km into the Hajar mountains from Idhn, on the Manama to Ras al Khaimah road, a number of etched rock drawings were recently found. They were lightly chipped out of the vertical face of a 4m high block of pale granite situated at the side of the wadi. The only shape discernible from the many on the rock face, and illustrated below, would appear to be a camel with a pack, measuring some 39cm by 25cm. Two other camel-like shapes could also be identified. There are reports of other rock drawings in the mountains behind Ras al Khaimah and in the Oman, claimed by some to be over 2500 years old.

(While on a trip to the Ruus al Jibal, the mountain range between Dibba and Ras al Khaimah, during the last Eid, two members of the Group came across an excellently etched drawing of a racing camel and rider on a stone block of an abandoned building in the village of Al Aghaba. This carving is unlikely to be older than the 19th century in view of the state of the village. -- Ed.)


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