Bulletin 22 - March 1984: Fish Recording Activity -- Work Sessions

Fish Recording Activity -- Work Sessions

by R.W. Brown

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. . .particularly a photographic buff willing to spend one evening per month at a workshop session.

Recording for All

There is nothing difficult about recording. It may become time-consuming, but generally, if simple rules are followed, it becomes routine. The blank recorders form included with this article is a starter -- plenty more are available. It is self explanatory assuming the main parts of a bony fish are understood.

The best location to observe fish in the dry are places like dhow harbors, breakwaters, and fish souks. However, the fish seen in the souks may not have been caught in the Gulf, or even UAE waters.

To those people who wish to observe in the wet, probably the best method is by photography. Many identifications have been achieved through slides and negatives supported by other information such as location, type of sea bottom (rock, coral, sands) and water depth.

List of Fish Specimens on Display
in ENHG (Abu Dhabi) Workroom
Catalogue No. Scientific Name Common Name
R 1 Scarus Ghobban Blue-Green Parrot Fish
R 2 Gnatharooon Speciosus Golden Trevally
R 3 Carangorides Fulvoguttatus Trevally
R 4 Cepholpholus Miniatus Blue-Spotted Rock-Cod
R 5 Sphyaena Gello Barracuda
R 6 Platax Pinnatus Batfish
R 7 Plectorhynchus Cinctus Harlequin Sweetlips
R 8 Siganus Javus Streaky Spine Foot
R 9 Acanthopagrus Berda Dark-Finned Porgy
R 10 Lutjanus Johni Gold-Striped Snapper
R 11 Chelonodon Patoca Puffer Fish
R 12 Scolopsis Ghanam Peppered Grunt
R 13 Apogonichthys Nigripinnis One-Spot Cardinal Fish
R 14 Pomacanthops Maculosus Blue Moon Angel Fish
R 15 Therapon Puta Small Banded Therapon
R 16 Hemirhamphus Marginatus Half Beak
R 17 Scorpaenopsis Gibbosa Scorpion Fish (False Stonefish)
R 18 Lagocephalus Lunaris Puffer Fish
R 19 Doplodus noct Bream

Marine Fish Identification Sheet


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