Bulletin 25 - March 1985: Comments on As Safarfir

Comments on As Safarfir

"As-Safarfir - An Early Islamic Copper Mine in the UAE", appeared in Bulletin 24, pp 2-13, and the bibliography made reference to Brian Doe's and Beatrice de Cardi's "Archaeological Survey in Southern Ras al Khaimah, 1982 -Preliminary Report", published in Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, Vol. 13, 1983. After receiving a copy of the Bulletin article Miss de Cardi, a noted authority on archaeology of the Emirates, was kind enough to write to the Editor and comment. Along with Doe, she hopes to publish a report shortly on their survey in Wadi al-Qawr.

Both Sasanian-Islamic glazed, and splashed wares representing the Early Islamic period were recognised at As-Safarfir during the 1982 survey, but apparently there is no evidence of contemporary settlement in W. al Qawr itself. Activity at the mine site in the Later Islamic period was either more intensive or of longer duration because of the higher quantity of sherds of that period.

Referring to p 5 of the Bulletin article, Miss de Cardi states that she makes a point of never interfering with a site or doing any minor excavation while on survey, so the pits must have been touched some time in the 18 months up to July 1984, by persons unknown.

Miss de Cardi visited Ras al Khaimah in February 1985 to select the archaeological material for display in the new Museum there, a project that has been delayed for years but which finally seems to be materialising. (Ed.)


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