Village One Hike in the Heat

Village One Hike in the Heat

Despite the heat of early summer, ENHG members Will Moore, Bill Jones and Brigitte Howarth walked in the mountains east of Khutwah in search of new attractions for the organization. The trip route was, it turned out, a direct path from Khutwah to what we now know as Village Two; we have discovered much easier routes in the interim.

The trip did, however, result in the chapter finding a source of a rare type of freshwater snail. A few weeks later, when it was even hotter, another group, joined by Gary Feulner of the Dubai NHG, made the trip to Village Two by a less rigorous route.

Bill adjusting Will's pack as they walk alongside a deep wadi

At Village One, a metal bowl filled with stones in the middle of an old house

Will enjoying a refreshing swim in one of the mountain pools in the area


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