Al Ain Field Trips

Al Ain Field Trips

Over the years, members have filed reports of various field trips. The index below is your guide to the collection. We have provided a brief explanation of what you might expect at each link.

The trips are arranged in alphabetical order (by location). There are other resources for members under the resources heading of the home page and via the "main page" for Al Ain.

  • A'Dahir (Wadi)
    One of our more productive field trips, conducted with Marijcke Jongbloed at A'Dahir. This page is of special interest to botanists.

  • Aboul (Wadi)
    Most seasons begin with 'Debbie's Tour' including Wadi Aboul. Several trips are reported here.

  • Aboul (Wadi) 2004
    Our 2004 trip to Wadi Aboul, traditionally one of the first field trips of east season.

  • Afrathe 2003
    The use of 'tufa' rock and the intricate irrigation systems make Afrathe an interesting stop

  • Al Ain Oasis
    The Al Ain Oasis, the city's largest, as seen through the eyes of Phil Iddison

  • Al Ain Palace
    Phil Iddison's comprehensive photo tour of the Al Ain Palace

  • Bastakia
    Phil Iddison's detailed review of the Bastakia area of Dubai just as the area's reconstruction and renovation program began.

  • Bida Bint Saud
    The ancient falaj system near the Bida bint Saud roundabout.

  • Bida Bint Saud Tracks
    Evidence of activity in the sand dunes around Bida bint Saud

  • Fay settlement
    On the road to Hatta, the recently abandoned settlement at Ray, as studied by Phil Iddison.

  • Haywan: An Unknown Wadi Near Hawyan
    We are not sure of the name of this small but interesting wadi just east of Haywan, not far from Aboul.

  • Jabeeb
    We have made numerous trips to Jabeeb; this page will reviews one trip in 2003.

  • Jabeeb Field Trip 2004
    This page shows some of the items recovered in February 2004; also shown is the 'Jabeeb Egg'!

  • Jabeeb After the Rain 2004

  • Jabeeb: Surface Finds in summer 2004
    Some of the items collected near the 'ladies majlis' at Jabeeb. As always, all items collected are given to the Al Ain Museum.

  • Jazirah (Wadi): Photographing Fox
    We set up our cameras behind the old houses at Jazirah hoping to see what kind of fox visits the oasis at night.

  • Jazira 2003
    Wadi Jazira, our island oasis in the Hajar Mountains, is one of our more popular destinations. This report includes reports by Geoff Sanderson and Brigitte Howarth.

  • Jazira 2003
    A photo report on another trip to Jazirah in 2003.

  • Jazira 2004
    One of our trips to this spectacular mountain community in 2004.

  • Jimi Oasis Walk
    Phil Iddison introduced many members to the Jimi Oasis. In a few moments, visitors are sheltered from the noise, bustle and modernity of the city.

  • Jimi and Qatar Oases 2004
    Only a few meters separate these two oases in the heart of the city. This is a record of one of our many trips to the oases.

  • Jimi and Qatar Oases
    Only a few meters separate these two oases in the heart of the city. This is a record of one of our many trips to the oases.

  • Juwaif
    Nestled in the mountains beyond Wadi Sharm, Juwaif is a quiet community. The group attempted to capture wild cats on film near the village.

  • Kabbayn (Wadi)
    'Kabbayn' is Arabic for two caves or gorges, which comes as no surprise as it overlooks the twin gorges at Khutwah and Hayl al Nawafil.

  • Kahl to Sharm 2004
    The drive from the village of Kahl to Wadi Sharm is one of the group's most popular drives.

  • Kahl to Sharm
    A few photographs from a second trip from the village of Kahl to Wadi Sharm in 2004.

  • Kahl: Saleh's Farm
    A generous friend of the ENHG, Saleh Al Ka'abi, allows the group to study a typical farm. His farm is located in the village of Kahl.

  • Kalba
    The mangroves of Khor Kalba on the east coast are now protected. Several years ago, members went canoeing in the reserve.

  • Khudrah (Wadi)
    Wadi Khudrah curves around the large oasis at Khudrah in a classic horseshoe shape. The old community is still occupied with family who tend the oasis. This page features the stone constructions at Khudrah.

  • Khutwah (Wadi) 2004
    The oasis that offers just about everything for the visitor: spectacular sights, classic oasis farming, archaeology, and more. This is a record of our trip in March 2004.

  • Khutwah (Wadi), Bread Making at
    From time to time, some of our friends at Khutwah, laborers who work the fields near the old village, share their tea and fresh bread with us. Here are a few photos of them making bread.

  • Khutwah (Wadi)
    This is a more comprehensive summary of the attractions at Wadi Khutwah including the donkey trail, the mountain houses, graveyards and terraces, Sultan's Oasis, as well as the solar clock.

  • Madbah (Wadi)
    Located near the end of Wadi Agran, Madabah is a popular destination with its swimming pools and waterfall. It is also a site where we collected rubbish! This is a record of our walk up the wadi system above the waterfall.

  • Madbah (Wadi): Litter collection
    Wadi Madbah is one of the more popular destinations in Wadi Agran and, as a result, is often left litterd with debris. This is a record of one of our visits to clean the litter, featuring Jerry Buzzell!

  • Manah
    The walled city of Manah was introduced to members by Geoff Sanderson. Only recently abandoned, it is a much studied site.

  • Musah 2004
    This mountain oasis community was overlooked for years by the group but is now one of the favorite destinations, especially for our 'moonwalking' events.

  • Musah 2005
    A record of our visit to Musah in 2005.

  • Nizwa 2009
    Galleries and short write up on the Nizwa souq, Manah, the Jebel Shams cliff walk and our first visit to Birkat al Mawz.

  • Nizwa, Misfah 2004
    Once the capital of Oman, this modern city has many sites of interest for visitors, especially the Friday market!

  • Nizwa: Geoff's Diary of One Memorable Trip
    Enjoy Geoff Sanderson's firsthand account of a trip to Nizwa! An excellent guide to read before you make your first trip to this amazing city!

  • Nuway
    This small, isolated community on the banks of Wadi Sharm has some remarkable copper smelting sites.

  • Qatar (Jebel) Climb
    One of the first events recorded for the website, the climbing of Jebel Qatar in 2000

  • Qatar (Jebel): Hanging Gardens
    Our field trip to the Hanging Gardens of Jebel Qatar as we were preparing to use our photo traps on fox.

  • Qatar (Jebel): Photographing Fox
    Details of our efforts to photograph fox on Jebel Qatar including the camera data, images of fox as well as the field trip to recover the cameras.

  • Qatar (Jebel): Field Trip to recover cameras!
    The group made a special trip to Jebel Qatar to retrieve our cameras.

  • Qatar (Jebel) climb with Ibrahim
    One of Ibrahim Zakhour's last field trips before leaving Al Ain and ending almost 20 years of devotion to the chapter.

  • Qatar (Jebel) Settlement Sites
    There is much to see on Jebel Qatar including these abandoned settlement sites from the Islamic period.

  • Qatar (Jebel) Wall
    One of the curiosities on the slopes of Jebel Qatar, below the escarpment, are sections of stone wall, probably constructed in associated with some Islamic settlement sites there.

  • Qatar Drive
    This drive from the Wadi Agran roundabout to Mahdah features a variety of geology and plant life. This page features Geoff Sanderson's report on plant life.

  • Qatar Drive 2003
    In 2003, we drove the route behind Jebel Qatar, this time with the emphasis on the plant and insect life.

  • Ramthah Loop 2010
    In November 2010, we hiked the loop out of the oasis village of Ramthah to the upper pass into Wadi Khadrah and then down Wadi Khadrah and back to Wadi Ramthah, a nice 11-km mountain walk.

  • Ras al Khaimah 2003
    The group's annual trek to Ras al Khaimah is always a popular weekend. This is a report of our visit to the sites in 2003.

  • Ras al Khaimah 2003 revisited!
    A larger collection of photographs from the 2003 trip to Ras al Khaimah.

  • Ras al Khaimah 2004
    The photographic report of our trip to Ras al Khaimah in 2004.

  • Ras al Khaimah with Phil
    Phil Iddison's comprehensive coverage of some of the sites in Ras al Khaimah.

  • Ray settlement, with Phil
    There is a settlement near Ray that was abandoned only a generation ago; the original occupants of the settlement include a family with visit near Ray. Phil Iddison led several trips to the site and documented the construction.

  • Safarfir
    It took several years but the group finally found the reported copper mine and smelting site in Safarfir. There are five separate pages of information from this link.

  • Safwan
    Old maps report there was once a fort at Wadi Safwan, but the remains are difficult to spot. The site is littered with items from the past 2000 years.

  • Shams (Jebel) 2004
    The group has made several trips to Jebel Shams, part of our Nizwa weekend. This is a record of our trip in 2004.

  • Shams (Jebel) 2005
    This is a record of our trip in 2005 to Jebel Shams.

  • Shimal
    The archaeology at Shimal is some of the most important and impressive in the country.

  • Subaitah (Wadi) 2003

  • Subaitah (Wadi) 2003 extra!
    Two links to photographs of our visit to Wadi Subaitah in 2003. The first is a general overview of the field trip while the second features the photography of Jerry Buzzell and Bob Reimer.

  • Subaitah (Wadi) 2005
    Subaitah, at the head of Wadi Jizzi, is a picturesque wadi community with a spectacular gorge and archaeology. This is a record of our study of some of the graves found there and the use of aloe vera on the graves.

  • Sulaif
    The walled city of Sulaif, just outside Ibri, on the way to Nizwa.

  • Tarabat (Wadi) Survey
    On a weekend that many members of the ENHG were away exploring Nizwa, those left behind surveyed a section of Wadi Tarabat's plant and insect life.  

  • Venus Occultation - 18 June 2007 - Several members of the ENHG observed the disappearance of Venus behind the Moon from the top of Jebel Hafeet.  While viewing conditions were not ideal, it was an interesting event to observe and record.  Here is the report. 

  • Village One Hike In The Heat
    Bill, Will and Brigitte head out in search of abandoned settlements in the mountains near Khutwah.

  • Village One: Hiking With Students from HCT
    As part of their outdoor education program, these students from the women's campus of the Higher Colleges of Technology hiked out to 'Village One'.

  • Village Two: Snail Collecting With Gary Feulner
    A report on our hike to 'Village Two' to retrieve snails with Gary Feulner.


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