Fox photographed Jebel Qatar 8-10 October 2003

Fox photographed Jebel Qatar 8-10 October 2003

As noted in the report of the Jebel Qatar/Hanging Gardens field trip of 10 October 2003, part of the trip involved the recovery of camera equipment set up Wednesday (October 8) afternoon.

Two cameras were set up using the chapter's motion-sensitive equipment. One camera was set up near the base of the escarpment near the Hanging Gardens, where two species of fox had been photographed last year. A second camera was set up about 200 meters east, also at the base of the escarpment. Chicken hearts were used as bait.

A summary of the "events" recorded by the equipment is noted here.

Camera One appears to have been activated by something other than a fox, using up several frames of film. In two photographs, a small rodent appears to in each frame. However, two of the images from Camera One are exceptional. The measuring device (meter stick) also makes the images from Camera One valuable for recording. Three of the images appear below.

Camera Two captured dozens of images of a persistent fox that returned to the bait many times. Many of the images from Camera Two are almost identical. However, several capture enough of the mammal to identify species. Sixteen of the images appear below.

Thanks to Bill and Brien for setting up the photographic equipment.

Camera One

The fox (left) looking towards the sound of the camera.
The fox posing for the camera; note the bit of white on the tip of the tail.
The fox leaving the scene; again, the white tip on the tail is clear.

Camera Two

The persistent fox returns though all the bait has been consumed.
A cautious fox at the edge of the area; note the white tip of the tail.
The fox appeared to become accustomed to the sound of the camera shutter and the flash.
Ignoring the camera, the fox looks for pieces of bait that may have been overlooked.
The large ears of the fox are alert for the sound of the camera shutter.
The fox concentrates on looking for food.
The amount of white on the tip of this fox appears less than in other images; perhaps this is a different specimen.
Ears and eyes are riveted on the camera.
A good photograph of a handsome fox.
The fox caught on film as s/he exits the area.
fox11.jpgThe second camera was set up in a narrow space behind a large bolder, the entrance blocked by brush and fallen rock. fox12.jpg
The only image of the fox approaching from the opposite direction.
This photo was taken early in the sequence since most of the bait (chicken hearts) remains on the rock.
More than half the bait gone, this fox's meal is interrupted by the camera flash.
Note how the fox uses the identical path to approach the bait area.
The first photo of the sequence, as almost all the bait is in position. Unfortunately, the tip of the tail is not visible.


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