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Volume 2.1 April 1992 Contents


Editorial ... 2
  [by A.R. Western]

Fossil Sea Urchin Tests found in the U.A.E. ... 3
  by Carolyn Lehmann

The Birds of Al Ain Zoo and Aquarium ... 5
  by Mohammad Ali Reza Khan

Butterflies of the United Arab Emirates ... 10
  by J.N.B. Brown

The Asclepladaceae (Milkweed) Family in the U.A.E. ... 11
  by A.R. Western

New Finds at Tell Abraq ... 15
  by Peter Hellyer

Botulism in water fowl in the U.A.E. ... 18
  by U. Wernery and J. Haydn-Evans

Notes and Queries ... 20
  Palaeontological Studies in Abu Dhabi;
  Ammonite found;
  Long-Legged Buzzard Nest;
  Sooty Gulls on Qarnein Island;
  Occurrence of the Diadem Butterfly;
  Birds Extinct in the Emirates;
  Local Bird Names;
  Local Coin Hoards;
  Ivory Burned;
  Short Notes.

Book Review ... 26
  "The Pre-Islamic Coinage of Eastern Arabia"

Recorders' Reports and Programme of Meetings for July to December 1991 ... 27
  Archaeology and Palaeontology;

Notes and Queries (in Arabic) ... 31

New Finds at Tell Abraq (in Arabic) ... 33

 Editorial (in Arabic) ... 35 [Not included]

Contents (in Arabic) ... 36 [Not included]

(Colour illustrations will be found between Pages 18 and 19, and are included with support from the Union National Bank)

Cover Illustrations:
English: A view of the Wadi Hail, Fujairah (P. Hellyer)
Arabic: The edge of desert and mountain, Idhn, Ras al Khaimah (A.R. Western)

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