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Volume 3.1 April 1993 Contents


Editorial ... 4
  [by R.A. Western]

New shells from the UAE's East Coast ... 5
  by Solene Morris and Dr. Noel Morris

An Ornithological survey of the UAE & Oman ... 9
  by Michael Jennings

Lithic artifacts from Abu Dhabi's Western Region ... 13
  by Sally McBrearty

Rabies in the U.A.E. ... 15
  by U. Wernery and B.N. Kumar

Neolithic Flints from Merawah ... 20

Notes and Queries ... 22
  Annotated Records of Hawk-moths from Al Ain;
  Cretaceous fossil survey;
  Gordon's wild cat;
  20,000 graves at Ad Door site;
  Spiny Mouse;
  Law on finds, sites for Sharjah;
  Kalba Archaeology;
  ENHG joins IUCN;
  Jashanmal Annual Award;

Recorders' Reports ... 27
  Archaeology and Palaeontology;

Book Review -"Tuyur Al Emirat" ... 30

Notes and Queries (in Arabic) ... 31 [Not included]

Editorial (in Arabic) ... 33 [Not included]

Contents (in Arabic) ... 34 [Not included]

Cover illustrations:
English: A Caracal Lynx, found shot near the UAE border in November 1992
 (Picture: John Woods) See Page 29.
Arabic: A view of a wadi near Masafi
 (Picture: R.A. Western)

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