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Volume 3.2 October 1993 Contents


Editorial ... 4
  [by A.R. Western]

The first breeding of Greater Flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber in the UAE ... 5
  by Simon Aspinall and Erik Hirschfeld

Fossil Sea-Urchin tests found in the U.A.E. and adjacent areas ... 7
  by Carolyn Lehmann

A summary of recent Lynx and Leopard sightings ... 11
  by Peter Hellyer

A preliminary list of ant records from Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. ... 13
  by Barbara J. Tigar & Cedric A. Collinwood

French Archaeological Mission in Sharjah -1993 season  ... 14
  by Dr. R. Dalongeville & Dr. M. Mouton

New discoveries on Dalma and Sir Bani Yas ... 16
  by Peter Hellyer

Notes and Queries ... 17
  Iron Age Fort in Fujairah;
  Brandt's Hedgehog in Al Ain;
  A Swimming Desert Monitor;
  Archaeology Law

Recorders' Reports ... 21
  Archaeology and Palaeontology;
  Birds; Mammals;

Letter / Corporate Members / Group Meetings ... 26

Federal Law No. (7) of 1993 Federal Environmental Agency (English) ... 27

Federal Law No. (7) of 1993 Federal Environmental Agency (Arabic) ... 30 [Not included]

Editorial (in Arabic) ... 33 [Not included]

Contents (in Arabic) ... 34 [Not included]

Cover illustrations:
English: A male Kestrel Falco tinnunculus in a fodder field outside Abu Dhabi. The species is a breeding resident in the Emirates. (D.R. Robinson)
Arabic: Painted potsherds of the 'Ubaid period, circa Fifth Millenium BC, from a site on Dalma island, the oldest settlement yet identified in the UAE. (Dr. G.R.D. King)

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