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Volume 5.2 October 1995 Contents


Editorial ... 4
  [by A.R. Western]

Whale and dolphin research in the UAE ... 5
  by Robert Baldwin

Abu Dhabi and the disappearing Dugong ... 7
  by Robert Baldwin

Marine turtles of the UAE ... 9
  by Robert Baldwin

Why the Socotra Cormorant Phalacrocorax nigrogularis should be protected ... 10
  by Simon Aspinall

A checklist of Tiger Beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) from the Al Ain/Buraimi region ... 13
  by Michael Gillett

An annotated list of butterflies recorded from the UAE, the Musandam Peninsula and the Buraimi/Al Mahdah region of Oman ... 16
  by Michael Gillett

Mammals of the UAE mountains ... 20
  by Chris and Tilde Stuart

Notes and Queries ... 22
  Apsteiniella naviauxi Baroud 1977;
  Defence mechanism of the darkling beetle;
  Archaeological investigations in the Wadi Safad, Fujairah;
  New moss records from Eastern Arabia;
  Early Islamic site at Sweihan;
  Sheikh Mubarak Prize;
  A follow up on the Fujairah oil spill.

Obituary: J.N.B. Brown, R.A. (Bob) Richardson ... 27

Recorders' Reports ... 28

Book Review ... 30

Corporate Members / Group Meetings ... 31

Obituary: J.N.B. Brown (in Arabic) ... 32 [Not included]

Editorial (in Arabic) ... 33 [Not included]

Contents (in Arabic) ... 34 [Not included]

Cover illustrations:
English: Bottle-nosed Dolphin Tursiops truncatus (Alex Smailes/Arabian Seas Expedition)
Arabic: Dugongs Dugong dugon (Alex Smailes/Arabian Seas Expedition)

Page 18: Captions for upper right and lower left photographs are reversed.  Upper right is:
Female Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya here) at the flowers of Ochradenus aucheri (Wadi Aboule, Oman, April 1994).
Lower left is:
Female Plain Tiger (Danaus chrisippus chrysippus) feeding on nectar of Ochradenus aucheri (Wadi Aboule, Oman, April 1994).

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