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Volume 7.1 Spring 1997 Contents


Editorial ... 4
  [by A.R. Western]

A proposal for a Western Abu Dhabi Coast and Islands 'World Heritage Site' ... 5
  by Simon Aspinall & Peter Hellyer

Traditional Architecture of Abu Dhabi: The Summer House of Sheikh Shakhbut ... 9
  by Jakub Czastka

First observations of Olea cf. europaea and Ehretia obtusifolia in the UAE ... 12
  by Gary R. Feulner

Corporate Members of the ENHG ... 14

The butterflies of the UAE and neighbouring areas of N. Oman ... 15
  by Dr. Michael P.T. Gillett

Notes and Queries ... 19
  Arabian Tahr rediscovered on Jebel Hafit;
  A new foodplant recognised for Chilena laristana Daniel, 1949, an eggar or lackey moth common in UAE and N. Oman;
  A solitary representative of the flower chafer beetles in the Al Ain region;
  New wetland plants in the UAE;
  Jebel Hafit 'Important Wildlife Site'.

Book Reviews ... 24
  Al Sufouh;
  Emirates Bird Report;
  Desert Ecology of Abu Dhabi.

Round up ... 26

Review of Sharjah Archaeology (In Arabic) ... 32
  by Dr. Sabah Jassim Abboud

Editorial (in Arabic) ... 33 [Not included]

Contents (in Arabic) ... 34 [Not included]

Cover illustrations:
English: Newly recorded Iycaenid butterflies from the Al Ain/Buraimi/Mahdah region of Eastern Arabia: 1) Brown Playboy, Deudorix antalus (Hopffer, 1855) male UPS; 2) female UPS; 3) male UNS; 4) African Cupid Euchrysops osiris (Hopffer, 1855) male UPS; 5) female UPS; 6) female UNS. (see P. 15).
  Picture by Michael Gillett
Arabic: Bridled Terns: one of the commonest species of breeding seabird in the UAE.
  Picture by Simon Aspinall

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