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Volume 8.1 Spring 1998 Contents


Editorial ... 4
  [by A.R. Western]

ERWDA Establishment Law ... 5

Butterflies of the UAE & Neighbouring areas of northern Oman - the polymorphic status and phyto-chemical associations of the Plain Tiger ... 8
   by Dr. Michael P. T. Gillett

Natural History of the Eastern Death's Head Hawk Moth Acherontia styx ... 13
  by Edward W. Awad & Fabienne E. Saade

Aspects of Mantid Behaviour and Ecology ... 17
  by Murray Lee Eiland III

The UAE's Rarer Breeding Birds ... 22
  by Simon Aspinall

The relevance of Archaeology to Coastal Zone Management ... 26
  by Peter Hellyer

Recent publications/Reviews ... 28

Notes and Queries ... 29
  Carpenter moths from the Al Ain region;
  Unexpected Noctuid moths in Al Ain

Round up - Archaeology review ... 31

Bird Report ... 33

Mammal Report ... 35

ENHG meetings ... 35

ERWDA Establishment Law (in Arabic) ... 36 [Not included]

Editorial (in Arabic) ... 41 [Not included]

Corporate members of the ENHG ... 41 [Not included]

Contents (in Arabic) ... 42 [Not included]

Cover illustrations:
English: Eastern Death's Head Hawk Moth on marigold
  Picture by Simon Aspinall
Arabic: Striated Scops Owl at its daytime roost
  Picture by Phil Brett

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