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Ore and Slag Tests


Testing of ore samples

Over the years, we have considered different methods of reliably testing for the presence of copper ore in samples collected in the field. We are satisifed the method we have chosen is reliable. Examples of the results can be seen below.

Blue precipitate, evidence of copper

Orange precipitate, evidence of iron

Analysis of Khutwah Slag Sample

One measure of the efficiency of the ancient smelters found at Khutwah and other mountain oases is to evaluate (assay) a sample of the slag found in the copper smelting circles.

A sample was collected from one of the copper smelting sites at Khutwah and given to the UAE University for analysis. The results of the assay are shown below.

ENHG Rock Sample - Slag from Khutwah

Assay by UAEU Central Laboratory Unit


% µg/g
Al 0.911 9110
Ba 0.00705 70.5
Ca 3.55 35500
Cr 0.00205 20.5
Co 0.000795 7.95
Cu 0.00078 7.8
Fe 1.11 11100
K 0.172 1720
Mg 3.25 32500
Mn 0.0323 323
Na 0.142 1420
Ni 0.0176 176
P 0.0204 204
Sr 0.0325 325
V 0.000963 9.63
Zn 0.00125 12.5



Patron: H.E. Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan