Bulletin 3 - October 1977: Editorial


Since the publication of Bulletin No. 2 we have to report the loss of several stalwart members of the Committee.

John Stewart-Smith left Abu Dhabi in September after seven years in the area. John observed and photographed many birds and other creatures whilst in the Emirates, and during his stay here built up a unique collection of slides for the region. He also collected and passed on to "The International Waterfowl Research Bureau" data on the migration of wildfowl passing through the Emirates. The second part of John's article on 'Waders in the United Arab Emirates' will be published in our next Bulletin.

The success of our Bulletin owes a great deal to Jeni Stewart-Smith's initial hard word and gentle persuasion. The current editors now fully appreciate the work involved.

John Scott, our first secretary and Marine (invertebrate) recorder has gone to Tunisia. John's knowledge of fossils and invertebrates will be sadly missed.

In view of their contributions to the Natural Sciences in the Emirates, and to our Group, the current Committee have recently unanimously agreed to invite both John Stewart-Smith and John Scott to become Honorary Members.

John MacRae has recently put away his Suzuki and sandshoes and returned to England to tube trains and Wellington boots.

A specimen copy of our Recording Form is enclosed. With over 200 members in the Group, we have difficulty in producing them in sufficient numbers to provide more than one copy. If you think you will be able to complete more than one, please have them reproduced. There is a list of Recorders on page 5.


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