Bulletin 3 - October 1977: Group Recorders

Group Recorders

A circular was sent out to all members on the 26th April and at the subsequent meeting held on 9th May 1977, the following Recorders were elected:


Archaeology - David Corfield (Assist. Barbara Rawlings)

Birds - Mark Hollingworth

Botany - Pat Harris

Geology -

Insects -

Mammals - Annette Allen

Marine (inv.) -

Marine (fish) - Roger Brown

Marine (coral) - Graham Heald

Reptiles - Bish Brown

Maps - John Kirby

For the benefit of our newer members we reprint part of the original circular which outlined the importance of systematic and continuous recording.

"Dear Member

One of the most important functions of an amateur group such as ours is keeping accurate records of sightings, population changes, new comers to the area, and similar observations on the local flora and fauna. In each subject (for example for birds; reptiles; fish etc) a Recorder will be designated who will collect and record observations by fellow members. There is no hiding the fact that Recorders have a lot of work to do in an active society.

However, the potential importance of detailed and accurate records to any future scientific research in this area is impossible to exaggerate. The professional natural scientist can never spend more than a limited time in a field area. He must rely for his basic information on records collected over as long a period as possible.

For a Recorder a fairly extensive knowledge of his field is essential but willing assistants who are interested in a particular subject are necessary as well . . ."

You will notice that we still have requirements for Recorders in Geology, Marine Invertebrates and Insects.


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