Bulletin 35 - July 1988: Hymenoptera Highlights V

Hymenoptera Highlights V

by Ian L. Hamer

A detailed list of Sphecid wasps collected in the UAE over the period 1981 to mid-1986 was published in the November 1986 Bulletin. As a follow-up, this article provides a guide to the locations of capture of all the species contained therein.

For the sake of brevity, only a shortened name of each species has been given and reference should be made to the previous article if the full name is required. Likewise, some of the collecting sites have been lumped together where they are in close proximity to each other and of a similar geographic nature.

Providing border-posts have not been crossed, specimens captured in Oman have been included as, after all, insects do not recognize man-made boundaries. Such localities are identified with the suffix “(O)”.

Once again, thanks are due to Giles Roche (CGR) whose timely list of captures, taken during his stay in UAE, has made this list more complete and worthwhile.

The list contains a coding for the various areas and the key, together with brief explanatory notes, is as follows:

AB Abool (O) – wadi area in foothills of Hajjar Mountains near Mahdah

AD Abu Dhabi – while island plus area around International Airport

AS Abu Samrah – planted area on Abu Dhabi/Al Ain road

AA Al Ain – all locations including Hili gardens

AH Al Babha – CGR area, location unknown (possibly Abu Dhabi/Al Ain road)

AZ Al Saad – planted area on Abu Dhabi/Al Ain road

AM Asimah – wadi area between Asimah and Ghayl including planted and ‘natural’ areas with surface water in places.

BA Bidy Al Ajam – CGR area, location unknown

BI Bithnah – between Masafi and Fujairah with planted trees and surface water

BU Buraimi (O) – large oasis near Al Ain

DU Dubai – including surrounding areas

DM Dhaid/Mileiha – plantations, gravel and sand plains

DI Digdaga – sandy area near Ras al Khaimah with plantations, ‘natural’ afforestation and vegetation

DH Dhaid – large area of plantations and ‘natural’ vegetation

FA Fagsha – high in the Hajjar Mountains, approximately SW of Fujairah

FU Futaisi Island – west of Abu Dhabi Island

HA Hatta – includes Hotel grounds, Wadi Faid nearby in Oman, Huwailat and Hatta township

HL Al Hayl – wadi area in Hajjar range SW of Fujairah with planted areas and surface water

JA Jebel Ali – grounds of Hotel

JD Jebel Dhanna – grounds of coastal Hotel

JH Jebel Howrah (O) or Sih Huwayyah area – commonly known as ‘Fossil Valley’ with sandy plains and indigenous vegetation

KF Khor Fakkan – mainly in Hotel grounds

KK Khor Kalba – sandy area with indigenous trees west of town

LA Layahlia – CGR area, location unknown

LI Liwa – high sand dunes with traditional date palm oases and indigenous vegetation in Sihs

MA Mahdah (O) – small town with planted areas and gardens NE of Al Ain

MK Al Markhaniyeh – planted area in western suburbs of Al Ain

MS Masafi – oasis town in the western foothills of the Hajjar Mountains with surface water, farms and indigenous vegetation

ML Mileiha – low sandy dunes, plains and wadi beds on Madam Plain

MN Munai – wadi with water and natural vegetation between Hatta and Kalba

RG Ras Al Gharab – sandy island NE of Abu Dhabi Island

RA Rayy (O) – area of hills, wadis with water, plantations and indigenous vegetation N of Mahdah

RI Rifaa – coastal dunes some 10km S of Ras al Khaimah town

SI Sadiyat Island – NE of Abu Dhabi Island

SH Sha’am – Hajjar Mountains NE of Ras al Khaimah

SM Shweib/Madam – low sand dunes and gravel plains, majority of specimens taken on Calotropis procera trees

SU Suweihan – farms and planted areas in low sand dunes

TD Towean/Dibba – various plantations and wadis in the Hajjar range, limited surface water

UY Uyaynah – deep-cut wadi SW of Dibba with planted areas and perennial surface water

WA Wadi Agran (O)/Madaba (O) – wadis with perennial water flow, planted areas and natural vegetation, E of Al Ain

WB Wadi Bih – large wadi NE of Ras al Khaimah with indigenous vegetation. New dam retains water for long periods.

WJ Wadi Jizzi (O) – wadi (dry in periods of low rainfall) on the Omani border E of Hatta

WH Wahlah – in the Hajjar Mountains, planted areas, wadis with surface water, SW of Kalba

ZI Zibara – coastal salt flats NE of Abu Dhabi Island

ZU Zubara – East Coast plain with palms, N of Khor Fakkan (now inaccessible)

Species, Location


Dolichurus no. 1AM

Trirogma no. 1 AD

Ampulex assimilis AM, HA


Chlorion funereum JA, SM

C. hirtum UY

C. semenowi occ. MK

Chalybion flebile Lep (prev. targionii) AD, DU, TD

Sceliphron madraspatanum AB, AM, HA, KF, TD, WH, WJ, ZU

S. rectum pulchellum AB, HA, UY

Sphex flavipennis   UY

S. fumicatus KF, WB

S. pruinosus AD

Prionyx crudelis (?subfuscatus) AD, JA

P. niveatus  AD, AZ, FU, HA, JA, ML, SM

P. viduatus AD, HA, KF

Parapsamm. Dolichostoma  WA, FA

P. turanica  AZ

Podalonia tydei  AD, AH, AZ, BA, HA, JA, JD

Ammophila albotomentosa (= rubripes?) AZ, JA

A. gracillima  AD, AH, AZ, BA, HA, JH, MK, SU, SM

A. rubripes  AZ, FA, HA, JH, KF

A. poecilocnemis  AM, HA, KK, TD

Eremochares no. 1 AD


Mimesa sp. nov?   AD, SU

M. sp. (? Aegyptiaca) MK

Diodontus no. 1  JA, UY

D. no. 2  AD

D. no. 3  RA

Astatinae Astata Cleopatra  AD, HA, MK

. . . or A. selecta AD, MK

A. no. 1  HA

Dryudella tricolor AD

D. necphertiti  MK

D. osirica  MK

D. bifasciata  MK

Dinetus no. 1 AZ

D. sp. nov.?   MK


Laphyragogus pictus FU

L. no. 1  AZ

L. no. 2 AZ


Larra no. 1  AB, HA

L. no. 1  HA

Liris agilis  AD, DM, HA, JA, WB, WJ

L. atrata  AD, JA, LI

L. braueri  TD, UY, WJ

L. haemorrhoidalis AA, DM, HA, JA, UY

L. miscophoides  WB

L. nigra  AD, HA, JA, WB

L. nigricans  AD, JA, WB

L. praetermissa  AD, TD

L. subfasciata BI, TD, HA, JA, WJ

L. no. 1 WB

Gastrosericus electus AD, AZ, HA, JA, KF, SU

G. moricei AD, BA, FU, JH, SM, SU

G. sanctus AD, HA, KF

G. waltlii   AD, FU, JA, WB, WJ

G. no. 2 (coll. CGR)  SU, JH

Tachytes archaeophilus ZU

T. comberi  AZ, BA, JA, MK, SM

T. cameronianus JH

T. diversicornis  AD, AS, HA, JA, WB

T. illabefactus SM

T. niloticus   AD, JA, MK

T. pigmaeus HA

T. serapis ?? FU, HA, WA

T. sinuatus  HA

T. trichopygus HA

Tachysphex albocinctus AD, JA, KF, UY

T. cheops AD, HA, JA, SM

T. costae  AD, MA, SH, WB, WJ

T. erythrophorus AD, KF

T. erythropus AA, AD, AM, AZ, HA, KF, MN, TD, UY, WB, WJ

T. fugax  UY

T. fulvicornis  AZ

T. fuscispina ??  UY

T. julliani  AM, UY

T. grandissimus  SU, SM

T. gujaraticus WB, JH

T. incertus HA

T. maidli  HA

T. micans AH, BA

T. mycerinus AD, AZ, BA, MK, SU

T. nitidus  AB, AM, AZ, HA, MS

T. osiris AS

T. palopterus   HA, WB

T. pulcher  AZ, BA, DM, SM, SU

T. panzeri   AD, AZ, AH, JA, KF, MK, SM, SU

. . . (black var?) FA, KF

T. rugosus  HA, WB

T. schmiedeknechti AM, AZ, BU, FA, LI, SU

T. sericans ??   AD

T. tarsinus    AM

T. sp. aff. nitidissimus ? SM

T. sp. aff. nitidus AZ, SM

T. sp. aff. palopterus AZ

T. sp. aff. panzeri AD, MN

T. sp. aff. quadrifurci AZ

T. no. 1 (panzeri group) HA

T. no. 2    WA

T. no. 3   KF, SU

T. sp. (panzeri var.?) HA

T. no. 2 (coll. CGR) TD

Parapiagetia erythropoda AD, FU

P. mongolica  BA

P. sp. aff. nilotica WB

P. sp. nov. ?  AD, WB

P. no. 1 (coll. CGR) JH, SM, SU

P. no. 2 (coll. CGR) SM

Holotachysphex holognathus HA, WA

Prosopigastra creon AM

Palarus dongalensis AD, AZ, HA, JH, SM

P. laetus   AD, AH, AZ, DH, FU, HA, JA, JH, ML, SM

P. parvulus AZ, JH, SM

P. sp. spinolae HA, SM

P. sp. nov.  AD

P. no. 1 (coll. CGR) AZ, BA, JH

P. no. 2 (coll. CGR) AZ

Lyroda formosa     MN

Solierella no. 2 (coll. CGR)   AH

Miscophus ceballosi AM

M. ctenopus           AD, AZ, JA, SU

M. helveticus           AZ, MK, SU

M. imitans               SU

M. mimeticus         AD, KF, SU

M. no. 1          SU

M. no. 3 (coll. CGR) HA

M. no. 4 (coll. CGR) AZ, MK

M. no. 5 (coll. CGR) AZ

Trypoxylon aegyptium HA

T. arabicum           HA

T. scutatum             UY


Belomicrus no. 1 (coll. CGR)   AH

Oxybelus lamellatus  AD, AH, AM, AZ, DM, FA, FU, HA, JA, JH, KF, KK, LI, WA, MH, MK, MN, SM, SH, TD, UY, WB, WH, ZI

O. collaris               AH, MK

O. diphylus             MN

O. sp. nov. ?           AD, HA, WB

O. sp. aff. victor   UY

O. no. 2 (coll. CGR)   AD, HA

O. no. 4 (coll. CGR)  DM, HA

O. no. 5 (coll. CGR)    FU

Rhopalum sp. nov   HL

Dasyproctus arabs  HA, JH, SM


Synnevrus no. 1     MH, UY

S. no. 1 (coll. CGR)   HA, WA

Dienoplus no. 1 (coll. CGR)   MK

Harpactus formosus Jur  JA

Ammatomus mesostenus   HA, MH, WB, UY, WA, WH

A. rufonodis           HA, MH, TD, WA, WB, WJ

Hoplisoides ferrugineus    AM

Stizus bizonatus       AD

S. combustus           JA

S. marthae?           HA

S. nadigi                 JH, SM, WB

S. niloticus             JA, WA

S. savignyi             SM

S. vespoides           HA

S. no. 1                   ??

S. no. 2                   JA

S. no. 1 (coll. CGR)    AZ

Stizoides poecilopterus  AD, HA, JA, TD

Bembecinus bytinskii    AD, AB, AM, DM, FA, HA, JA, KF, SM, TD, UY, WA, WH

B. no. 2 (coll. CGR)    JH

Bembix chopardi   HA, JA, RI, SM, WA

B. freygessneri AD, FU, JA, JH, SI

B. irritata         JH

B. nilotica               AD

. . . (kohlii coll. CGR = nilotica)    AZ, JH, SM, SU

B. oculata               AM, FA, HA, HL, WH

B. pallescens           AD, AZ, BA, JH, HA, ML, SM, SU

B. pallescens (col. Var.)  AZ, SM

B. radoszkowskyi   AZ

B. rufiventris           HA, SM

B. sp. aff. dahlbomii    AD, FU, LI, SU, SM

. . . (dahlbomii-coll. CGR. = sp. aff.)     AD, AH, AZ, BA, LA, RG, SI, SM, SU

B. no. 1                   SU

B. no. 1 (coll. CGR)    SM

B. no. 6 (coll. CGR)   AZ, SU

B. No. 11 (coll. CGR)   SM


Eremiasphecium sp. nov  SU

E. no. 1                   AZ

E. no. 2 (coll. CGR) (? Schmiedeknechtii) MK

E. no. 3 (coll. CGR)   MK

Philanthus coarctatus   AA, AD, AM, AZ, DH, DM, HA, HL, JA, KF, MA, MK, SM, TD, WJ

P. genalis         AD

P. pallidus               AD, AH, AS, AZ, FU, HA, JA, SM

P. triangulum         AD, KF

P. soikai or P. minor   SU

P. sp. aff. pallidus   SU

Pseudoscolia dewitzii    AH

Cerceris albicincta   AD, AH, AZ, DI, DM, FU, HA, JA, LI, MI, SM, SU, WB

C. alboatra             WA

C. chromatica AD, AH, AZ, JH, LA, SM

C. circularis (?)   SM

C. eugenia    HA, JA, WA

C. fischeri               AD, AM, MA, MN, HA, KF

C. lateriproducta  AD, AM, AZ, JA, MI

C. n. nugax             SM

C. solitaria      DM, HA

C. straminea           AM, JH, SM

C. tricolorata           AM, AZ, DM, HA, JA, JH, SM, WB

C. luxuriosa/rubida?    HA, KF

C. vagula? AM, HA

C. no. 1  SU

C. no. 4 (coll. CGR)    AZ

C. no. 7 (coll. CGR)   SU

C. no. 8 (coll. CGR)   BA

C. no. 11 (coll. CGR)   SM

C. no. 12 (coll. CGR)    SM

C. no. 14 (coll. CGR)    HA


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