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United Arab Emirates

  • Archaeology: The United Arab Emirates throughout the ages!
    The text covering the UAE from the brochure produced in conjunction with the "First GCC Archaeological Exhibition" held in Fujairah from 20 November to 20 December 2006.
  • Bats
    There are several species of bats in the UAE and northern Oman. The different chapters have had several programs to identify and report on bats over the years. In this article, Peter Cunningham gives an overview of the night time visitors.
  • Bayt Sheikh Suhail bin Hamdan al Sharqi, al Fara', Fujairah
    A PDF version of the paper entitled 'Bayt Sheikh Suhail bin Hamdan al Sharqi, al Fara', Fujairah, UAE. An ethnoarchaeological study' by Michele Ziolkowski and Abdullah Suhail al Sharqi. The paper was published in the journal Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy (ISSN 0905-7196).
  • Camel Racing
    Sulayman Khalaf's paper on camel racing in the Gulf
  • Camel Brain Study Report
    A general report on the camel brain study conducted by Laurence Garey; the Al Ain chapter provided a modest financial contribution to support this research project.
  • Is there a Morphine Store in the Brain of the Camel?
  • A detailed report prepared by Laurence Garey on his study of the camel brain.
  • Fatal Pollution
    A copy of the PowerPoint presentation of Dr. Ulli Wernery to the Al Ain chapter on the impact of plastic pollution in the UAE. At the CVRL center in Dubai, Dr. Wernery and his staff recovered lumps of plastic -- remains of bags, string, rope -- that blocked the stomachs of camels and other livestock resulting in the death of the livestock.
  • Field Key to the Coastal Plants of Abu Dhabi
    Abstract: This key assists in the identification of the plants commonly found along the coast of Abu Dhabi emirate. Thirty-nine species are covered.
    Citation: Ghazanfar, S.A. (2008) Field Key to the Coastal Plants of Abu Dhabi. 
  • Order Diptera, family Mydidae
    This chapter from volume three of Arthropods of the UAE, acknowledges the ENHG and a specimen collected by Brigitte Howarth and incorporated into the Joint Al Ain and Abu Dhabi Emirates Natural History Group (JAAENHG) Insect Collection. The insect, along with others from the collection, form part of an ENHG loan sent to the author, Torsten Dikow, at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago.
  • Emirates Wildlife Service -- World Wildlife Fund
    Links and information on the Emirates Wildlife Service and World Wildlife Fun including copies of the 'Choose Wisely' campaign film and PowerPoint presentation.
  • Figs
    The fig may be the only indigenous plant for the UAE. Phil Iddison examines the Bengal Fig variety.
  • Aliens, 2010 annual report of the IUCN SSC Invasive Species Specialist Group
    The annual report of the International Union for Conservation of Nature Species Survival Commission's (IUCN SSC) Invasive Species Specialist Group includes an article by Christophe Tourenq (Emirates Wildlife Society-WWF) and Maral Khaled Shuriqi (Environment Protection And Development Department, Fujairah) on some of the invasive species in the UAE including mesquite (Prosopis juliflora and P. glandulosa), Red-eared Sliders (Trachemys scripta spp.) and Tilapia.
  • Major Ali al Suweidi -- Profile
    The founder of Emirates Marine Environmental Group talks about his life and his dedication to preserving wildlife and wildlife habitat. A 'soldier fighting for nature' was the headling in this profile by The National's Rym Ghazal in April 2010.
  • Mealy bugs
    Khudooma shares some information on this common plant pest.
  • The Making of a Dhow
    In February, 2008, the construction of a 'boom' began in the dhow yard at Ras al Khaimah. This site documents the progress of the construction month-by-month.  Phil Iddison documented a dhow constructed in 2001-2002.  Will Moore documented the construction and launch of a dhow in 2005-2006 as well as the racing dhow yard.
  • Snow in Ras al Khaimah
    Snowfall in Ras al Khaimah in January, 2009, as documented by UAE Stormchasers.
  • Rock Art in Wadi Hatta
    A report of a preliminary survey of art found on boulders in Wadi Hatta.
  • Shellfish Worksheet by Ted Garside
    The Abu Dhabi chapter once held several workshop sessions as a part of their regular program giving members an opportunity to meet to discuss identification and classification of pottery, birds, fish and shellfish. Ted Garside produced a shellfish worksheet which has been reproduced here. (The worksheet is also available as a PDF document and a Microsoft Word document.)
  • Snakes of the UAE
    This is Bish Brown's original article, as published in the Bulletin, concerning the snakes of the UAE.
  • Umm an Nar tombs in Wadi Qor
    Photographs of three tombs from the Umm an Nar period in Wadi Qor.
  • Urbanisation in the United Arab Emirates
    "The challenges for ecological mitigation in a rapidly developing country." A paper by Drew Gardner and Brigitte Howarth published in BioRisk -- Biodiversity and Ecosystem Risk Assessment -- in December 2009.
  • Water in the UAE
    In the spring of 2009, Christophe Tourenq of the WWF presented a talk on water resources in the UAE. Click on the link to download a pdf version of his presentation.
  • Photographs of Sh. Zayed
    A collection of photographs of the late President Sh. Zayed, source(s) unknown.
  • Historical Photographs
    A collection of photographs of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and oil exploration, source(s) unknown.



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