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Brigitte Howarth


The following is the text of a letter presented to Brigitte Howarth in recognition of her years of contributions to the Emirates Natural History Group. The presentation took place at the Al Ain chapter's Annual Photography Competition Meeting at the Al Ain Intercontinental Resort hotel on Tuesday 27 May 2008.

The Committee and membership of the Al Ain chapter are pleased to present Brigitte Howarth with a lifetime membership in the Emirates Natural History Group in recognition of her generous personal and professional contributions.

Brigitte, who joined the chapter shortly after arriving in Al Ain almost 10 years ago, has been coordinator of the arthropod Special Interest Group, environment officer, recorder, Acting Chair, Vice Chair, and more. In fact, listing her contributions is a challenge because she has contributed – and continues to contribute – in so many ways!

She exemplifies the ENHG credo – to observe, record and report – an approach that pervades her work and her very being! Her determination to educate all who are curious, whether school children or members, is an inspiration, all accomplished despite a busy professional and family life. Her generosity of time and talent is greatly appreciated.

Brigitte’s knowledge of the natural history of this area is amazing, as are her powers of observation. While on a hike, it is not uncommon for her to suddenly invite others to get on their hands and knees to observe an insect that is barely visible! She takes the recording of all observations seriously and corresponds with experts around the globe to be certain the information is shared. Her contributions to natural history in the UAE were recognized in 2007 when she was presented the Sheikh Mubarak Award by ENHG Abu Dhabi.

She has taken on the responsibility to curate the ENHG collection of insects and shares her passion for arthropods with experts and amateurs alike.

On behalf of all whose lives you have enriched, brightened and enlivened, thank you Brigitte!

Brien Holmes