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Laurence Garey


The following is the text of a letter presented to Laurence Garey in recognition of his years of contributions to the Emirates Natural History Group. The presentation took place on 08 June 2004.

08 June 2004

The Committee and membership of the Al Ain chapter are pleased to present Laurence with a lifetime membership in the Emirates Natural History Group in recognition of his generous personal and professional contributions.

Archaeological research in this corner of the world is a relatively new phenomenon, often carried out in a traditional style. It was Laurence who introduced a new approach to study the archaeological evidence unearthed and, in another initiative, offered us a new perspective of our old desert friend, the camel.

Laurence's introduction of DNA study has prompted several teams to consider this device to learn more about the past. His initiative has been adopted by at least two of the teams working in the UAE; no doubt more will follow. In typical Laurence fashion, an interesting presentation on the camel set his inquisitive mind to work, resulting in his groundbreaking research on the camel brain. All who were there for his presentation will not forget his professionalism and good humor as he helped us all to appreciate another special characteristic of the ship of the desert.

At the same time, he has been a constant and energetic Committee member, responsible for re-writing our Constitution and focusing our interests and enthusiasm. He says he has stayed in the UAE only because of the ENHG; in fact, the ENHG has become what it is today thanks to Laurence's generous contributions.

On behalf of countless individuals whose lives have been enriched, thank you, Laurence.

Brien Holmes

Some of Laurence's research results can be found on Laurence's Google pages.



Patron: H.E. Sheikh Nahayan bin Mubarak Al Nahayan